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  • Seems to be a popular question/topic here, there was a previous post about it that covered the basics.

    This is a varied and subjective topic that would be best aimed at your client. Get some source material and see what makes them tick if your looking to make the best possible piece for them.

  • @'zanzoxxx':

    The only monster artwork I've founded erotic is that of superheroinecomixxx, but that's not even 3D. They mix good story writing plus erotic images of sexual activity.

    Blackadder's monster 3d porn is top quality but for some reason without a story it never hits home since the mental mind fuck isn't present.

    What is the "mind fuck" mentality behind monster porn? Why is it a turn on? The reason I ask is because I've been asked a lot recently to render monster on babe porn but without truly understanding its eroticism I won't be able to do a good job.

    Anyone can take a monster and a babe and have them fuck but it's like why is that a turn on? Is it as simple as a huge cock penetrating the woman's tight vagina? Is it the being taken against her will aspect?

    Look at it as letting the beast loose. During sex is when most of us are closest to our underlying animal natures.

  • I love it when opposites attract, I don't want to see a gorgeous man with a beautiful women that's just too typical. I want to see something out of the ordinary, and porn in any form is just fantasy, so why not push it's boundaries to the limits especially if we're talking about 3D porn.

  • i would venture that repressed desire, guilt, violence find a mask to wear in the form of the monster, putting those dangerous feeling at distance while allowing for the enjoyment.

  • I dunno, it doesn't do anything for me. It's pretty gross for the most part, but that's coming from a girl.

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