10 Modern & Easy Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Students

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    Gift wrapping is probably the most underestimated art during the Christmas Holidays. However, it is just as important as any other Christmas decoration and can leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

    Check out the amazing gift wrapping ideas that you can apply when the store-bought bows don’t work.

    1. Updated stripes wrapping
    Stripes never go out of style. Take a slightly different angle on the usual pattern of stripes and wrap the gift to give it a versatile and unique look. The striped wrapping papers impart a sophisticated and upscale look to the gift.

    2. Modern geometric wrapping
    You can opt for unique geometric designs on the wrapping paper to bring instant visual interest in the gift. Finding the perfect designs for your wrapping paper can be time-consuming. Buy assignments online and ease your mind off academic worries. You can invest your time in wrapping your holiday gifts.

    3. Simple wrapping with a pine sprig
    Use a plain thick brown paper with a black ribbon for the sprig of pine to wrap your holiday gift. It takes a lot of time to wrap a gift like this. Let an assignment helper write your paper while you wrap gifts.

    4. Matte black wrapping papers
    Keep things simple by using this super stylish matte black wrapping paper. The flat black backdrop is enough to make the gift look appealing.

    5. Mixed pattern wrapping paper
    Mix different patterns of the wrapping paper and showcase your designing skills. Get your accounting assignment done online and shop patterned wrapping papers.

    6. Black chalkboard wrapping paper
    Use this customisable wrapping paper and turn it into a canvas to make the gift more special. Engage your creative side and impart a unique look to the gift.

    7. Cookie-cutter polka dots
    Replace the polka dots with drawings of different elements such as stars, trees and gingerbread men on the wrapping paper in the cookie cutter style. This also gives a slightly asymmetrical look to the gift.

    8. Patterned fabric wrapping paper
    You can use fabric to cover your gifts and give a unique texture. Using fabric can also make the gift-wrapping process quite easier.

    9. Copper metallic wrapping paper
    Copper has a soft shimmer and you don’t need to add anything else to use it as a wrapping paper. This wrapping paper has an uncomplicated appeal and keeps things low key.

    10. Paper bag gift wrapping
    Gift bags can be excellent alternatives to the traditional wrapping papers. You can add a sprig of pine to enhance the appearance.

    Holidays are knocking on the door. Start wrapping your gifts with these wonderful ideas and amaze your loved ones.

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  • Yep, selecting the item and setting its lux material to null will make it invisible in a render

  • Yeah annoyingly Reality doesn't update its materials when you change them in Daz, You can always hit the reload studio default or whatever its called and it will give you the changes you've made in Daz, but you'll loose any changes you've made in Reality so be careful. If it's just opacity though, Reality has it's opacity settings in one of the other material tabs I'm pretty sure (or maybe that' the null value you two were mentioning).

  • Thanks Blain :)

    Figured out your second method 2 minutes after posting the thread lol

  • There are a 2 ways i know of, 1 you could use the eye icon in scene that will tell Reality not to render it and also a good way to cut ram down when rendering a big scene. 2 set the material to null in Reality. hope that helps :)

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