Cyber Security Services

  • At Ecolog we are aiming to redefine the boundaries of what is possible today in a wide range of applications from predictive analytics, energy distribution, asset surveillance all the way to connected and autonomous mobility. Our Cyber Security Services center is intended to provide the services and solutions to defense and humanitarian sectors as well as logistics and commercial markets. Utilizing our strategic partner – Mireo’s – innovative SPACE-TIME™ Cluster that is capable of instantly storing and analyzing petabytes of space, time and sensor data, we intend to provide a comprehensive range of digital solutions in urban mobility, intelligent logistics, predictive analytics, and maintenance, as well as advanced AI algorithm optimization. In a world of interconnectivity and integration on the one hand and rising complexities and conflicts, on the other hand, protecting critical infrastructure in defense and energy sectors is of paramount importance to the nations. At Ecolog we work tirelessly to ensure offering end to end solutions to our clients and customers.

  • If you're speaking Swedish "baka" means "to bake" :D

  • Yes. Never used it…

  • Sry then I can't help you never used SSS in DS, I even thought it has not option for that, but google says it has, with a special extra software , do you have this already?

  • DS 4.6

  • Which software do you use?
    and baka means something like idiot or fool

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