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  • At Ecolog we are aiming to redefine the boundaries of what is possible today in a wide range of applications from predictive analytics, energy distribution, asset surveillance all the way to connected and autonomous mobility. Our Cyber Security Services center is intended to provide the services and solutions to defense and humanitarian sectors as well as logistics and commercial markets. Utilizing our strategic partner – Mireo’s – innovative SPACE-TIME™ Cluster that is capable of instantly storing and analyzing petabytes of space, time and sensor data, we intend to provide a comprehensive range of digital solutions in urban mobility, intelligent logistics, predictive analytics, and maintenance, as well as advanced AI algorithm optimization. In a world of interconnectivity and integration on the one hand and rising complexities and conflicts, on the other hand, protecting critical infrastructure in defense and energy sectors is of paramount importance to the nations. At Ecolog we work tirelessly to ensure offering end to end solutions to our clients and customers.

  • I would also guess that, if the gens have a subsurface option but the torso does not, they probably have different shaders applied, which will also give different results.

  • Thank you for helping me Blain. I had been trying to do that texture off and on for a couple weeks now. Your instruction made all the difference.

    I'm going to do a test render in Lux and see what she looks like.

  • The torso texture makes up the hole middle body section like chest, hip, neck, ears, ex… if you go to template and click on the second one down that will highlight all the parts that the torso texture uses, so your able to change all of them at once, just match all of the setting in that template to the gens :)

  • Wow, that made a big difference. I see a section for subsurface for the gens but no subsurface for the torso. Would that mean that the torso doesn't have a subsurface setting?

    I just set all the subsurface settings for the gens to zero.

    Still seems a bit off?

  • Try turning ambient color to 0 on both V6 and the gens, if that dose not work then its your sub subsurface strength, they have to match :)

    Also try using png's not jpeg's as the quality of the image map will be much better.

  • Also wanted to add a pic. The pic above is rendered in Daz w/o lights.

    I'm only seeing a big difference after rendering. I've attached a pic of what things look like before rendering.

    Anyone got any ideas how to fix?

  • I also am trying to get a different texture on V6. I used the psd's for Diffuse, Bump and Specular. Visually adjusting the gens to match the torso in PS. Saved as a jpg and applied through the surface tab.Also tried to match the Diffuse, Bump and Specular of the gens to the hip in the surfaces tab.
    Clearly I'm doing it wrong.

    Really trying to pin this down. Just don't understand why the color is so off, it's pretty close when looking at it in PS.

  • Use it in in Daz, on the left hand side there should be your surface tab and in there you need to find the diffuse texture and change it to the new one you've made :)

  • i have done what u instructed, now what do i do with the jpg?

  • thanks for the help, really appreciated.

  • @'hzr':

    Which is actually a nice kind of copy protection since this is not included in the current circulating pirated version of the gens :D

    Haha good, I just hope he is going to carry on refining the gens :/

  • Which is actually a nice kind of copy protection since this is not included in the current circulating pirated version of the gens :D

  • HI, first off you will need the diffuse_creator_V6.rar that comes with the download, it will have a pdf file that you can open in Photoshop cs, then all you have to do is replace the existing torso texture with your one and then save :)

  • for example i want to use the Nysa mats, how would i edit the 3feetwolf gens to match the nysa mats?

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