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  • Agreeing with ArgonC!
    American Curves magazine has some of hottest babes…I completely love chicks who take care of their bodies, the girls they choose to model often got nice abs, a little definition in the arms/legs, and nice big racks!

  • helloz again forumites !
    here's a mess of authors i like a lot

    Philip K Dick
    Douglas Adams (Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy)
    Charles Bukowski
    Mircea Cartascu (Orbitor)
    Sadeg Hedayat (The blind howl
    and a lot more

  • Why limit yourself to a book or two, or even just a category/series or two? I actually read a wide assortment but I think most of you would just roll your eyes and not read my wall of text. Admittedly I only have so much "me" to go around and only so much time to spare.

    Let's see… as for fiction...

    The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. A modern setting of basically werewolves and vampires, magic, fae, elves, stuff like that. The series even has a comic book adaptation.

    I do read manga and even just one off doujinshi (not necessarily porn, just "street" manga often times). Though I find many manga/anime characters perhaps sexually arousing, I do like it for other reasons too. Hard as that is to believe. Again casual.

    I like star wars fiction obviously. Though it's casual reading I find the story timeline engaging enough. We all know more or less what it's about. The haters can go eat a big hot steaming pile of shit for all I care. Their insultery is amusing.

    As for current tech reading:

    Circuitbuilding for dummies--it's always good to get back to basics!

    Hayes Welding manual. Been looking at breaking out the old welding gear and fixing some metal stuff for some nice commissions. I mean, $40-150 for just an hour or so of work fixing broken things isn't bad under the table.

    Build your own Custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Currently I am studying alongside that topologies and layout sensitive circuits and the effects it has on high frequency signal transmission. A.K.A. Processors and RAM, and Radio Frequency RF circuitry. I've seen some cases where a poorly designed set of traces constantly handling too much current has caused the board itself to burn up.
    Also in high power handling circuits I've seen board traces that have blown off the board and disintegrated!

  • Wheel of Time series, bar none. After that I am enjoying The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson.

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