Can I get money back from Cash app merchant?

  • You have to make a request to getting money back from Cash app by a merchant. You have to make sure about your issues because they have many payments within a day. So, don’t make any random request for a refund. You have to select a reason for a refund. If there any issues, then contact us to get an appropriate solution in a short time.

  • Holy shit that's a big ass!

    Sorry, I forgot what I was going to say now…

  • Only to rip videos, music, or sound tracks like world's loudest orgasm.

    I once thought to take shortcuts for software I really wanted, or that I'd found something you couldn't buy anymore (Sexy Beach 3, a 3D ero game previously only available to Japan). Only thing I got were spoofs that didn't do shit, broken ass downloads, or worms and viruses which basically explains the sorry state of my machine.

    I suppose if you consider ROMs and ROM hacks in this realm, that might apply here. But really, is it so horrible to want to play peoples' creative remaking of NES classics? Rockman Exile, Super Mario R?

    I really only mess with stuff I will use or am nostalgic about. Trying to take shortcuts will only leave you with expensive repair bills. And possibly explaining WTF you're doing with hentai, and why you have some futanari images in your non vanilla folder for fappage.

  • "meta-rational redistribution of goods and capital"

    This sounds right :)

  • I admit that from time to time I intercept ships sailing the Spanish Main.

    I ransack the cargo holds and ransom the crew, if any are noteworthy of course. In return, those subjected to my company and acquiesce to the aforementioned transaction are pleased to enjoy my own forbearance with respect to the use of force upon their person.

    Some have called this "piracy", although I prefer to think of it as a meta-rational redistribution of goods and capital, in the sense that essentially I do little more than move products and monies from those with supply (i.e. them) to those with demand (i.e. myself).

    That's just the good and proper economic thinking of a rational self-maximizer. What of it?

  • I had such an extensive collection of CDs that I didn't have to. I ripped all my CDs to MP3s a long time ago and now just buy what I need of of iTunes.

  • I suspect that you're correct in that everyone infringes copyright at some point. The law has become so corrupt and stupid that it's inevitable.

    If the creation of the material was funded by investment, than I feel no guilt in making a copy. Examples: studio movies and television programming.

    If there's not a demo for something available, I feel no guilt if I try before I buy. If I don't think the item is worth what they're asking, I'll delete it.

    I don't copy software. There are just too many good open source projects available.

    I don't pirate anything I need to make my art. For the most part the people creating these items are independents and work hard. I work hard too and I'm not going to shaft them.

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