When can I get money back from Cash app?

  • Here, not any time set to get money back from Cash app. While you make request for refund, then you get. But, it depends on person to person, retailers, merchant, etc. So, if any individual payment, then within 10 seconds you will get. But for retailers, you have to wait for 4-5 days and for merchant minimum 10 days.

  • Love that show! best US comedy atm

  • Well… from the poll results I'd say there's a pretty good chance!

    Then again, when it comes to the Eiffel tower…

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    One thing I will say is that I think 3DX and other digital mediums probably really desensitizes people to breast & penis sizes and pretty soon sizes that seemed large seem inadequate and small and before you know it things are just getting bigger and bigger just to seem large or the right size.

    yeah spose it's desensitizing in a way, which is a good thing though, cause we go a little further in our explorations :) … but again I think it's not that things will keep getting bigger it's just that we'll finally get to reach the limits we hadn't previously seen, because we weren't open enough sexually and technical limitations, heh

    I mean, do you think everyone's eventually going to love boobs the size of the Eiffel tower and cocks that stretch from here to Jupiter? hopefully not, lol :)

  • One thing I will say is that I think 3DX and other digital mediums probably really desensitizes people to breast & penis sizes and pretty soon sizes that seemed large seem inadequate and small and before you know it things are just getting bigger and bigger just to seem large or the right size.

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    porn is just another form of entertainment like sports, movies, games… have we gotten too much entertainment? is there such a thing as too much sports, movies, games?

    with porn we haven't even reached acceptance yet, so by no means have we explored what porn is really capable of, I think 3dx can help with that though :)

    first we have to stop being childish in our thinking that porn is somehow "obscene", I love sex, I think nudity and intercourse are beautiful to watch, then you have people who think porn is deranged and shameful, now who of us two has the twisted, deluded mindset on sex and porn?

    and the fact that you have to watch more and more extreme stuff is another myth, all that happens is that you learn about what your likes/ dislikes are, just like you may draw the line with horror or those terrifying Disney movies where they start singing out of the blue there are certain things you don't have a taste for in porn, that's it, you simply become more refined about what you like to see and don't want to see and you begin to have more of a craving for quality over quantity

    again like with any other form of entertainment you may drift in and out of porn with periods of you liking it more than other times, but ultimately it's a lot harder to lose your taste for porn altogether because of this little thing called sex drive instilled in all of us... which is a good thing, cause otherwise we wouldn't survive as a species :D

  • I don't think rl porn has desensitized me, I've actually spent some time online finding copies of the earliest pornos I can remember seeing….and I still enjoy them.

    3DX on the other hand, I think I'm completely desensitized, which doesn't mean I like everything I see, but nothing about it shocks or disgusts me.

  • I'm only really desensitized image/video-wise. In real world situations I still get unreasonably wet in seconds.

    I do feel a lot more comfortable with nudity and risqué outfits though, real life and otherwise. But I'm not sure porn's had anything to do with that…

  • If "sensitivity" is "what gets me hard", then the answer is no. For a while I thought I'd eventually need stuff so deviant it wouldn't exist yet so I'd run out, but then somewhere along the way, just faces and simple pinups became the new high point again. I have enough interests to switch between to never really get bored of it on the larger scale of things.

    One of the things it has desensitized me towards is beauty in real life. When I see an amazingly beautiful girl, I don't realize she's the most beautiful of the 100,000 people closest to me in any direction because I'm comparing her girls that don't exist, rather than against girls I have met or encountered.Granted this is also an effect of TV/MM/internet in general, but porn/hentai obviously also has this quality.

    This I think is a good thing, because I am usually aware enough to consciously remind myself that she's actually beautiful and if I could have her I would, so I end up trying to get to know her anyways. Contrast this to my natural response if I didn't use porn/hentai regularly, I'd be dropping spaghetti all over the place and end up not doing anything.

  • I think we've definitely become desensitized to it my question is whether it's a good or a bad thing. It'd be a good thing if the whole of society had become desensitized (currently is happening but at a much slower rate then people like us who spend most of our free time dealing with this content) because then people would be more accepting of porn and it would become less of a "taboo".

  • You know, personally I do wonder about that.

    I'm not going to ignore the 900lb. gorilla in the room. Liking this stuff is at odds with my values at varying levels. Am I a man of nuanced, well articulated view or am I a rotten man of folly whose bulshitting himself?
    Sure hindsight is 20/20 and all, but it's still all a bit fuzzy. I'm having a bit of a dilemma, personally. It erodes you, but then again, any vice does.

    Am I thinking too hard about it though? I think it's important not to have conflicting or contradicting ethics.
    My bad childhood experiences give me a certain sense of when to back off…and they also gnaw on me a little bit when indulging.

  • That's an interesting question. And one I was forced to confront just yesterday ….

    While at the local corner store, there was a rather attractive lady in the same aisle as me and as she kneeled down to inspect the bottom shelf, it became glaringly apparent that both the waist of her jeans was entirely too low and that she had opted to go commando for the day.

    Needless to say, as I should have been standing in awe of the amazingly smooth, milky white ass gracing my presence, I, instead, found myself mentally twisting the dials for "GluteRaiseL" and "GluteRaiseR".

    I think I need a vacation.

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