Are legit getting Money Back from Cash App?

  • Make sure one thing, Cash app team never call you to ask any personal information of your account like SSN, OTP, full username, date of birth. If you get any such kind of call, then it is good to avoid it. You have to only verify your identity through Square app to get Money Back from Cash App.

  • hehe, seems like there is some material difference in the nipple mat :)

    I have checked it out but for me there is a deal breaker because you cannot save texture assignment templates. The guys at Lagoa seem like a very friendly and helpful bunch however and they assured me that they got this on their shortlist of fixes, but well lets see what happens :)

    Right now I am not really in the mood for assigning all textures again per drag and drop on EVERY new import :o
    The posing alone is work enough that sometimes pisses me off due to Daz Studio having such fiddly controls… Sitting roughly 30 mins to an hour on each pose lol...

  • [attachment=2108]

    So here is what I have been able to come up with. Given that it needs A LOT OF WORK, I think it is coming along fine.

  • Probably also something with the export settings. I have had some trouble with this aswell depending on what I used. Seems you need to export with material groups etc. I will have to check into this a bit more in detail later.

    My 2 hours render time are already up, so I will most likely buy a month…

  • Yeah, it is VERY tiny. I can't scale it up though. Is there a grouping feature so I don't tear the model apart?

    EDIT: Ok, figured out how to scale it. Now need to figure out how to texture it.

  • Check your export scale. That is often an issue with external rendering engines. If you export from Poser it might come in tiny scale or something.

  • Imported an OBJ. Can't get it to render. Looks like I will have to read the documentation.

  • I do not think that will be an issue. You are just using their compute power for rendering. They do not publish anything for you.

  • Thanks hrz, I am going to have a look, do you knwo if they are ok with adult content?


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