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  • City of Heroes was the greatest MMO I've ever played. The best character creator, the most diverse combinations of power sets. The ONLY game that allowed the summoner (Mastermind) control at least 6 pets. God damnit I miss my ninja summoning, force field mastermind D:


    These days I haven't been playing a lot of MMOs. But I have been having some fun with Star Trek Online. Never winter looks pretty sweet. I may try that sometime soon.

  • Star Wars Galaxies, even with all its flaws it still beats any of the current mmos in terms of features and community.

    The combat system got revamped twice, and only the first time it was for the better, yet it still was the only mmorpg where you really had a broad community of people outside of guilds. Sadly those type of games seem to be dead now.

  • I played WoW until about 2009, so that probably tops the list. I played GW2, played Tera, played Rift, didn't really get into any of it. GW2 more than most, but meh. Such uninspired design. Say what you will of WoW but back in those days it was unmatched. I don't know what it's like today, though.

  • I hit up SWTOR once in awhile.

    I've been reading about the final fantasy games because FF14 is supposedly going to tie them all in together.
    Right now I'm having a little trouble with the apparent oddball of FF8 and there's several theories as to what actually happened in the story. Different wikipedias give differing accounts of the storyline. Mind you I never played these games before.

  • City of Heroes, bar none! It had the most extensive Character Creator. Even today I am still able to use it to design Hero characters. I mean, really, you were a freakin' superhero for goodness sake! You could fly, run fast, jump miles. Your powers felt heroic. You actually had full on animations that showed you using the powers, not just point hand and fire. There were so many different parts of the city that you could go to, each one with a specific theme. There was time travel, dimensional travel, underground, in the sewers, etc. It was like being in a real life comic book.

    That was an awesome game. If I could have the DCUO engine and give it to the COH team, I would be in heaven.

  • Right now I play Neverwinter, like it a lot, it's pretty different from your standard RPG. I especially like the combat system.
    I also play Guildwars 2, not as much as I'd like to though, that one has an awesome combat system as well.
    I play some SWTOR, mostly because it's Star Wars and I like the setting ^^
    Also play some Aion, not a big fan of the fighting mechanics but it's neat to fly :P

  • My most recent MMO is Wildstar. It's going to be a very good game.

    I had given Final Fantasy xiv a try, but I had very bad luck with the community.

    Before that I played Rift for at least two year. The F2P conversion gutted the guild I had spent most of my time in, so I joined another guild that needed a MT for their second raid group. They booted me out because of my work on DeviantART. I joined another guild after that, but it just wasn't worth it anymore.

    Before Rift it was World of Warcraft.

  • Mine would be Aion ! played it for like 2 years and just started to play it again, as far as the game go's there is not much i don't like about it even after all this time, graphics still look good as well as the fight and skill system, all in all can't beat it :p
    PS forgot to post this thread myself, glade you did Morfium ;)

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