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  • I would definitely say brunette as a first pick, and black, only if it has something else mixed in like some highlights, as a second. i also like red streaks in black hair for some reason. i'm not much into the blonde or red thing myself, but i suppose if it's a much darker blond, then i'll accept it, but even then, i'm still picky on that one.

    oh, and i'm all for the shaved downstairs too. ain't big on that amazon shit. ;)

  • You're all wrong. Light Urple hair is the best.

    Just kidding. I vote for Black. I love me some dark hair.:D

  • administrators

    that is strange, arm pits should be shaven as well c'mon!

  • Nothing worse than a girl with a tropical rainforest between her legs, except being asked to explore that forest ugh!

    Strangely I'm not put off by unshaven armpits???

  • administrators

    Oh yeah shaven downstairs is best :) … but a little fuzz is not bad either should neatly trimmed though :)

  • Blonde… and bald beaver. Black comes second, both up and downstairs.

  • Brunette, for me theres just something about long, brown hair cascading over a womans shoulders that is very alluring, Blonde would be my second choice, but it has to be the right shade

  • administrators

    Black by a …. hair :D Blonde is my other favorite, in fact the contrast is really hot. Next is mauve or purple or what ever that color is. Don't like red... idk.

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