How can I get Money Back from Cash App?

  • You will get Money Back from Cash App with five taps. Even, you can get your refund within 10 seconds. Your money will be refunded on the same source you send from. Go to activity tab and select the payment which you want to refund. Then click on three dotes and then Refund. Lastly, tap on OK.

  • Its a good idea to try different things, maybe you might find new ideas =D

  • i thank everyone for the feedback. i really appreciate it :)

    i probably not going to stop making nudes completely but they will probably be more artisticly inclined if that makes any sense. anyways thanks for feedback everybody :D

  • We all grow and change. Perhaps the porn work is losing meaning to you now?

    So far as seeking attention, I realize artists must do this. However, one must consider why he or she does it on a level of fulfillment. There's a difference between surviving and living.

    If your own self esteem is determined based upon whether or not other people accept or reject you, you are bound to generally be unhappy. You will get your occasional reprieve when people appreciate your work and acknowledge you, like it, etc. but it will never seem to satisfy you and once it wears off you will be back to here you once were.

    There is a difference between this, and being happy and truly self confident. Just because you have found happiness and are more solid about who you are and what you have to offer, that doesn't mean you necessarily aren't driven to create. It's a fallacy in that one must be miserable in order to be driven. You may find that, yes, a lot of people ARE driven that way and they're miserable because they're seeking approval they never got.

    Dunno if this makes sense. It's one thing that allows me to laugh off all the trolls, neckbeards, and haters though.

  • administrators

    Do what makes YOU happy! :D

    Don't worry so much about getting attention, that in itself is not a bad thing, but I think a much better indicator is whether you feel proud of what you've created. If not, don't do it!!

    I personally love 3DX, because I don't see it as perverted at all, I see it as amazingly beautiful and sexy. Don't mistake society's stigma around porn as any form of truth, society's gotten so many things wrong in the past and they've seriously messed with our perception of sex.

    So if special effects pushes your buttons, go do it!

  • At least you can take comfort from the fact you are in a position that allows you to be thinking these things :)

  • 3DX is naturally more interesting than non porn, especially for males given the way we are wired. If you want to keep making pr0n try toning it down a notch. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks that strategically dressed woman can be even "sexier" than a naked one. Use not just your imagination but those of your viewers.

    If your doing art for the attention I think you'll always go just a little hungry with every piece, since your relying on the consumption of others for your own satisfaction. Unless your getting paid, do what satisfies you. Otherwise your just a slave to your fans, and your attention addiction will force you do things you don't want to do.

  • Well, I'm more drifiting away from complete CGI/3D/Rendering, but that don't belong here.

    You have to do what you want to do otherwise it get boring and is far away from a hobby you do to have fun.
    The thing with the attention is, I think, normal for all humans. Like this little quote say: "Nothing is so unsignificant, like the wish to be significant." (I can't say if that is the right english version of it, its a freehand translation…sadly I don't remember who said that, otherwise I would find a good english version, got it from one episode of Criminal Minds I guess)

    So give the things you like to do the most the priority before all the other things you might think you have to do... or so.... I'm a bit blocked by this kind of explanation, because of my lack of good english^^

  • This is understandable. You didn't go to school just to become an erotic artist. There will come a day when you have a job making images for greedy fat bastards. When that day comes you may not have the time to do this kind of art anymore, or you may keep doing side projects, erotic or non-erotic, to satisfy your need for artistic fulfillment.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work whether it's nude or not.

  • I feel exactly the same way Evo. As you know, I don't do any erotica on my dev account and it's actually because I don't want "random pervs visiting my profile for porn". I joined this site to post this kind of work here and I'm pretty happy about that because there are a lot of people here that can offer a constructive criticism and even though we all love sexy, nude chicks here, we are far more than just that. You can say that most of affect3d members are "elite pervs" :D

    3d erotica can be an art, but I personally just like to do this kind of work to show off my "perfect girls" in naughty positions so that people (and me) could get turned on :D

  • You know you have to do what makes you feel happy :) I look forward to seeing some of your new art like the first example, keep up the good work man!

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