How can I get Money Back from Cash App failed payment?

  • If you get that your payment gets failed, then you don’t need to worry about it. If any amount is deducted after failing payment, then you will automatically get money back from Cash app. But, first of all, you have to check your balance. Navigate your bank amount, as well as Cash app transaction. Now, you can make a request if didn’t get Money Back from Cash App.

  • Interesting aspect, could be fun to see what some productions will happen with more mocap =D

  • That's interesting. I told my wife about the mocap thing, (which she ok'd to get). She finds the whole thing to be like performing pr0n and hot knowing that people are watching… without the "negative" effects of being a pr0nstar. So she is all for the mocap fucking.

  • I am actually doing mocap with a dual kinect atm. Only for the guys however. I would feel a bit awkward to do this for the girls lol. I got a girlfriend of mine to capture some test animations but she already said that she wont "do porn" heh

  • Not in the least. I would say they were going above and beyond to get poses and animations right :)

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