Are legit getting Money Back from Cash App?

  • Make sure one thing, Cash app team never call you to ask any personal information of your account like SSN, OTP, full username, date of birth. If you get any such kind of call, then it is good to avoid it. You have to only verify your identity through Square app to get Money Back from Cash App.

  • Thank you HZR! I played around with the spec and bump maps. Going to have to start with a new diffuse. With a little trial and error, I think that will get me what I'm after.

  • If your figure uses specular and bump maps then of course you will have to adjust these too. Especially the specular makes a huge difference. From the image you posted it looks like the sheen from the specular just gets broken up on a texture border.

    Check your surfaces tab and see if theres textures in the specular and bump slots. Might just as simple as that :)

  • Thanks HZR.

    I'm not sure about modifying the specular and bump maps. I've matched the settings on those two parameters(spec and bump) on the gens surfaces to the ones on the torso surface. Are you saying to edit the spec and bump maps in photoshop?

    I noticed the M5 texture is very bumpy when compared to the G2F texture. I had to dial down the bump on the gens so it was a closer match.

  • Forgot to modify the specular and bump maps perhaps? To me the diffuse looks quite right, but the specular reflections seem to be a problem.

    Try getting the uv templates for both M5 and g2 basefemale or whatever uv set you are using for the female. This gives you a better idea where the seamlines are located and which poly should go where. You can load them on your model and render it out to test where the polygons are connected, when youre not sure from just looking at the 2d grid there.

    Hope this helps in some way. I would have done the same as you with overlaying and stamp sampling, so if that doesnt work I am out of ideas :)

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