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  • I have once, it is incredibly hard to find artists that have the free time to do them.

  • I've never commisioned anyone before, I'm too hard to please (move her right index finger 3 degrees to the left etc), plus I wouldnt be satisfied with one image, it would have to be an epic series

  • No. I actually found out recently what a commission is and how it works in general.
    But yes, I would like to commission someone if I feel the need (and if he's in for it, of course). Hitman_X3Z for example, he has some awesome renders, but only random shots, nothing story related.
    Though if I had to invent the whole plot/scene, it's not worth it. When I know what will happen, it's not so fun.
    So maybe someone with cool story ideas, like Epoh. If can throw in the frame and then see what the artist can cook with it, that sounds better.

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