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  • Wow, average size between 4-8" isn't even on the poll. O_o

    My most "hung" character is only about 9.5", and she's been very popular that way (so far she's winning the poll over on my deviantART profile - please go vote if you're familiar with my characters).

    Personally, I find body proportions that don't/can't exist in real life jarring, it takes me right out of it - like, my suspension of disbelief doesn't extend that far. ^_~ Some of my best artwork is based on my own sex life, pretty unexaggerated, aside from transporting it into a fantasy world. So yes, for my part, I like my fantasy to be something that can actually happen.

    Something that could actually happen without a horse. ^_^

    Maybe this is a girl opinion - last time I dated a girl with a big cock I couldn't even fit it in my mouth, I certainly wasn't going to put it anywhere else, it wasn't enjoyable in real life - and ginormous tits give me back pain just looking at them… so I guess that's part of why it's not a part of the fantasy for me. I identify with the female characters' physical sensations, not with destroying my opponent with a giant sword cock. ^_^'''

    I understand the point though that if it's going to be FANTASY may as well do things that aren't possible in real life! That's definitely a good idea! Although the things I choose to change from reality may be different, I absolutely agree that it's what's great about 3DX! ^__^

  • I'd have to go with Freaky Big most of the time. It is fantasy 3D/2D art after all, might as well go HUGE, if I want to see normal size I can watch real porn. I always like the Futa/Dick Girls to be Monster Freaky Big. I say if you're going to give a girl a dick make it count, make it HUGE.

  • I measured the penis I use in my pics, turns out to be a modest 13 inches….I thought it was bigger :D

  • Actually sorry, 7 circumference is just (edit: way) under 2½ inches thick, 8 inches circumference is 2½ inches thick… it's surprising that an entire inch of circumference only adds a tiny bit.

    I take that back... it's 1 notch past 2 inches so like 2 2/16th or some such. 5.5cm. Calculator says.... 2.16535in.

  • @'Tiffany':

    I got to messing with some measuring tape and some paper earlier and I think 11 inches long and 7 inches circumference (2½ inches thick) is pretty amazing.

    Because beyond that point … (ahem) ... "containment" … becomes something of an issue? :rolleyes:



  • I got to messing with some measuring tape and some paper earlier and I think 11 inches long and 7 inches circumference (2.165 inches thick) is pretty amazing.

  • Somewhere around like 8-11 is probably more realistic for a pornstar except that one that has that 13 inch fake penis and the super fake cumshots. I don't even think there's many pornstars more than 8-9 inches to be honest…

  • administrators

    voted for 8-14, although I don't recall having seen many porn stars with 14 inch dicks, lol

    don't mind going bigger though, I do have a bit of a size fetish :) I would say the biggest I've seen that I think is still appealing is the pitt's cartoons

    if the dick's bigger than the person than things get awry, lol

  • so far Freaky big is the most popular (which pleases me because thats my vote too :D)

  • I have never heard of a 14 inch pornstar… lol wth porn are you watching?

    Anyways, I'd say 8-14. Personally I think ones that aren't super thick but look really long are the best. I'll just quote myself...


    Like the monster cock blowjob extra from Ayako Sex Addiction:

    It's probably not necessarily longer than Sayako's current one, it's just a lot thinner so it looks much longer. I think it's actually better like that since it'll fit in her mouth better as well.

  • I'm going with 8-14 being optimal. Arm sized to elbow, or a little beyond.

    Giantess, monster, fictional creature, and others would warrant the "freakish big" to "the 14" and over". Otherwise it just gets silly like stuff you see on 4chan.

    When phallic objects start getting that large, especially when it's about how big their character is and how small everyone else is, I begin to scratch my head and wonder if the artist isn't compensating for something IRL, Not always, but in these cases for sure.

    If you're into size queening characters, you might very well just start watching tentacle porn–which originated from the paintings of a 12th century japanese perverted fisherman, painting an octopus copulating with his wife. (to the best of my knowledge).

    Having said that, isn't this a bit of a proportional size issue? Like cock size to character size ratio or something?
    Those "freakishly large" penises might just be pornstar big to a guy whose something like 8'5" tall, or even 11'3". So there is the question of proportion and how big or small the person is on the receiving end.

    She Hulk is 6'7" and probably could take about 12"-14" on average. Titatnia 7'0" tall and probably could handle a bigger cock as her average. Beyond this, monsters and things.

    The disproportionately largest cock I think I can stand to watch, attached on a biped humanoid of normal FM-77 from Beat Angel Escalayer (movie) when she fucks other characters. I'm going to say she's from pornstar large to freakishly large. It's freaky but not so much that it kills the mood.


    TL;DR A good guideline might be this...
    I haven't seen any 3DX where a schlong is grossly un-proportional to the male body it's attached to. However, if it's:

    1. so big girth wise in relation to the receptive body's torso that it's like shoving a pole of a basketball hoop (or worse) in their orifices,
    2. so long it practically is in their neck-throat region and STILL isn't fully inserted

    it ceases to have any pretense of eroticism and goes to, at best, being just plain silly.

    Fraknly, though, same sort of thing could be said about tits. If one single boob is BIGGER than the head of the character it belongs to, again it won't really be erotic.

  • 8-14 inches is the perfect size, maybe alittle more. By 16 inches, it starts hitting the weird territory.

  • For me it completely depends on the style of the character/picture. Most of the time if it's a human character with a somewhat realistic style, I prefer the cocks to stay in the realms of possibility. If it's a non human or quite a stylized character then bigger is best.

  • Obvious choice for me as you can see from the stuff I post. I go for the pornstar penis, probably a tad bit bigger so it still has that big cock look that most ppl probably want to see.

  • Personally I believe large,but not huge is the best.In G4E the cock size was good,but kind of ridiculous at times.I think 10-13 inches is the best.

  • Since most of my work is usually fantasy, I go with the 10-14 inches (8' too small). I just feel it fits my characters and brings them from simple shemale to well hung Futanari.

  • For me? None of the above! I don't swing that way. :P

    In my art, it depends upon my characters and the story.

    Let's consider my character Analia. She's a gnome, so for her 4" is large. For vaginal sex she'd pick tiny, since her vagina isn't even 4" deep. For her, anal sex is a different matter. Then she'd say she'd take all four choices… repeatedly :) Why? She's a buttslut.

  • Without wanting to give an answer in the realm of the expected, I feel like Miro hit the right balance with G4E. It's obviously ridiculously large, but the length to girth ratio works out. A lot of times I notice artists make dicks that are long but also very thick, giving them a stubby look, and others go for like these tendrils that are just completely creepy.

    Regular dicks, ie smaller than most of what you see in 3DX, sort of defeat the point of the medium if you ask me.

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