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  • IMT Evolved from the need for a world-class best business school in Hyderabad. We recognize that the rapidly changing business landscape would require young entrepreneurs to learn and understanding comprehensively the changing and evolving economies with a global perspective.IMT believes in teaching with the motto: 'Academics to market' and market to academics This helps students to think independently, gain functional knowledge, in turn, develop scientific out-look with social maturity to meet the local and global challenges.

  • I am new to this (haven't even got onto the racetrack as it were) and yet even I can tell…something is amiss I think. It's like trying to say a component originally designed by, say IRF510 by International Rectifier, is going to be more reliable than any IRF510 produced by other semiconductor manufacturers (i.e. Vishay Siliconix, Fairchild, Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, SanKen japan)

    Certainly not accepting this at face value. Haven't read above comments yet. Will do so.

    Coloring or lighting, whatever issue. It seems a little bit slanted in favor of Lux from appearances. Unless I myself was fondling the internal controls and such, I could not make any kind of judgment and have it be accurate. At least not until I did it for myself. Sorry.

  • If both engines were used to make the image as photo-realistic as possible this would have been a better comparison. As of now it looks like they just took relatively stock settings on both renderers and pressed go. The lux render looks like it has a lot more specularity, but the poor lady also looks like she has glaucoma.

    I have both and in my humble opinion (I am no render tech wizard like HZR) Octane is the superior product. Its only real weakness is a lack of true SSS. Granted in both you have to do a lot of texture wrangling I found the speed of Octane alone to be worth its price. It is multitudes faster, given how grainy lux renders look without putting in 4 plus hours into an image. I'd say its worth it.

    Not to mention ease of use, and the live texture database, Octane makes a strong case for being almost 10 times the price.

  • I would but its not my render just something i found lol

    But from what iv seen and read in forums is that Octane is so much faster than Lux but Lux is a tad better looking i think

  • Pretty obvious that youre using different settings and lights from the look of this :)

    And post the rendertimes aswell please.

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