How to get Cash App Phone Number to talk with a representative?

  • To contact a Cash app representative, you have to follow only five steps. So, go with the below steps carefully. First of all, click on the profile icon from the home screen and then tap on the Cash support. Now, tap on Something Else and then search your issues. And last, tap on Contact Support. If there are any issues, then use Cash app phone number.

  • I have played a lot of games over a 10 year span, warcraft, Aion, Guidwars, Terra, Rift…. I havn't played now in about 2 years and dont miss it. But I have to admit some of the renders i do are certinly influneced by memories I have of these scantaly dressed hot babes in battlegrounds. :)

  • Yeah. Kinda started getting sick of it when I was about 25. I mean, yeah, sure I'll continue playing. It's part of me at this point. Just don't give it as much…priority? ...anymore.

    There are undoubtedly characters I'll never really get sick of seeing.

    Today's games aren't really offering all that much. They are ultimately just games. No more, no less. Late to the game (no pun) on several games but I get the feeling that's a good thing because I can just take my time and enjoy them. Electronic gaming is no doubt a major factor into my liking for 3D and 2D.

    As I've gotten slightly older, my priorities have had to change. Craigos proved that you can't keep a guy down in arts and I believe the same could be said for games. I recognize it had robbed me of precious time I'm having to spend now. On social and vocational things.

    Like many things, moderation is best. Though I very much envy someone who could turn away completely. Maybe that's coming? It doesn't keep its grip on you forever--not if you try to grow as a person.

    My dilemma is...if I make I or don't I porno-ize characters I held dear Miro did make a good point in the other thread about whether or not theres characters you hold so sacred you would never do that with. I'm willing to listen to reason here.

  • Gaming a lot less than I used to. Currently gaming is just a distraction from my creative endeavours, whereas in the past it used to be the main objective of my existence. I'd say 16-22 were the worst years, as far as that went. After that I mellowed.

    Will always have a fascination for 3D tech, though. You could take me to the most well written psychodrama with a five character cast set in some South Dakota backwater town, or you could take me to see Pacific Rim/Transformers/, and I'll choose the CGI fest any day of the week. Same with games. I don't do retro very well. I need my visuals. It's an addiction!

  • I used to, but not for many years now.

  • I quit recently because my idea of what I wanted to get out of videogames got fairly solidified - either great story or challenging gameplay - and I found out basically all videogames these days are bad, either due to design issues or balance problems or devs being lazy because they have dosh rolling in (e.g. Riot, Early Access, etc.)

    I picked up Go though, so I'm still a "gamer". The oldest board game in the world should be fairly balanced and interesting if it's still around after several thousand years.

  • I am not the avid VG'er I once was. True I did just break out an xbox360 elite someone gifted me for christmas but still…I'm not really in a hurry to get back to it. Though one interesting observation friends and famil made about my attitude is that I'm less edgy or snappy if I have spent a little time on a violent video game so it may have its therapeutic uses.

    I thought desiring to bash some moron's head in with a wrench was a result of masculine energy and frustration with said moron? lel

  • No, don't play at all for the past few years

  • I used to be quite a gamer too. From snes/genesis days perhaps to around 2008 I was gaming ALOT in my spare time. From 1999 to 2008 or so was probably the time I gamed the most, being in a relative big team fortress classic and later also tf2 clan at that time. Tons of league and tournament games, training each day etc. There was always something going on. Great and funny times when I look back at it, since it wasnt about trying to be progamers or anything but rather just having a good time and still being competetive with the rest of europe :)

    But in the last few years I have really toned it down to almost no gaming. Same as render8 said, the new breed of games is more about just flashy graphics and lately they have even dumbed down gameplay even more in favour of telling stories. If you grew up with games like mario, giana sisters, quake and halflife where you needed a bit of skill and dying in a game was quite a frequent experience, then all these new games just feel too boring after a while. Its just no challenge anymore and youre rather just getting dragged through some storyline which is often not even on par with a b-movie.

    I still love roleplaying games on the pc however. Dragon Age and Skyrim were amazing and I am most looking forward to the new Dragon Age this year and the Witcher 3. And hopefully there will be some more news about Cyberpunk 2077 soon!

    So thats my (ex)gamer life in a nutshell :)

  • Yeah, I'm kind of the same way. I used to play games several years ago, but I was never really a hardcore gamer. I've gotten into a couple games like left 4 Dead PC and an occasional game of Black Ops 2 but I'm already done with them games. I think I just fall back onto games when I have nothing better to do and that's very rare for me.

    Now in the day, I would play the hell out of Super Nintendo and quite a bit of PS1 growing up, but my gaming days started dying out around the PS2 time frame when everything seemed to start relying on flashy graphics and short replay value. Games just don't do much if anything for me these days. Of course others will think I suck, but it's just a personal thing, nothing against games today.

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