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  • More lux experiments and more weirdness


    sighs Why is her pussy blue? :(

  • Ha! Sorry, Fred. Kind of forgot you're relatively new to all this. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with the interface for Luxus or how exactly it goes about converting the Daz materials for Luxrender.

    If you're only seeing the issue when using hybrid mode rendering, then I would venture to say that the issue has something to do with how Luxus is transporting the transparency information to Luxrender for GPU acceleration. I vaguely recall there being just that sort of issue talked about in the Luxus thread over on the Daz forums. Sadly, I can never get the Daz site to open on my phone here, so I can't actually provide you a happy link. =(

  • I had this problem too, you can look if you can increase the opencl group, if this is available in luyus, in reality it is set to 0, after i increased it to 5 it worked well for me and i got a big performance boost from it.
    hope this helps.

  • freds brain dribbles out of his ears while trying to process above tech talk onslaught

    I'm using luxus, the above only happened with luxrender set to "hybrid" (all other settings at default)

    If I can't use my GPU to help out I'm going back to 3delight :(

  • That … is not entirely normal, no. It looks like the transmaps didn't get called properly from Daz to Lux. Are you using Reality or Luxus? Not sure about how to do it in Luxus, but in Reality, just check the Alpha tab in the material settings for the hair and eye lashes. You can try using the "Reload Studio Material" option to pull them in correctly.

    As for the eyes ... if you're using Reality, it will automatically convert the cornea, eye surface and tear materials to glass for you, but there are a couple of things to watch out for. First, the eye surface material is useless in Lux ... you can change it to a Null material in Reality and forget about it. For the cornea and tear ... first thing to do is to remove the texture maps entirely ... diffuse, alpha and bump/displacement. Next, check to make sure the Glass type is set to architectural.

    The most likely culprit for the eyes, however, is probably the Thin Film Thickness and Thin Film IOR values. Sometimes, Reality will arbitrarily set these to some insane values, which will result in the blacked out eyes like that. Just make sure the Thin Film Thickness is set to 0 and the Thin Film IOR is either 0 or 1.

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