What the privacy with Cash App Customer Service Phone Number?

  • Here is various privacy with your Cash app account including your personal information, security keys, transaction history, etc. Your past and future transaction are private, no one can access it except you and the involved one. Your security measure is considered as first. If you have any doubts, then use Cash App Customer Service Phone Number.

  • The explanation that I run into the most is that 50SOG is porn for women. Whereas men run on basically visuals because that's how we judge women for sexual attraction anyways, women run on power and their list of >9000 items they want to see in men. This generally is done better in a medium of words, for whatever reason.

    "Romance" is not the issue. Recently, there's been a thing going around called "Moan for Bigfoot" that's earning some stay-at-home mother 30k a month; I severely doubt there's romance in that book.

  • There is already a hentai remake (parody?) called fifty shades of hentai.

    What I find is actually that while women of various backgrounds have it and read it, I have found prudish women seem to have it front and center. So if nothing else it sparks the interests of women who may have stronger taboo about sex than those who don't. Just an inference based on observation.

  • i read about 3 chapters…..it way to cheesy,romance for me. but i think it's much like everything else that is popular but not that great. cough Call of duty cough

  • It's fairly poorly written like the majority popular books currently. Hunger Games / Harry Potter / Twilight.

    Probably some of it's popularity comes with the taboo that many women have about sex. Many that I know do not care for visual porn but read romance novels (which are porn). Many more women don't care for either… so when exposed to something sexual, even as mundane as 50SoG they are titillated and feel naughty / sexual / etc.

    If you are a woman and disagree with what I just wrote, keep in mind you are on porn forum and certainly do not fall into the prude category.

    My wife, who helps me with my work, watches hardcore porn and reads all kinda romance novels felt the 50SoG was "Meh."

    Personally, I could not get that far into the first book as it was a bit... boring for my taste. If you are going to read porn stories, Kresley Cole comes to mind and Etaski on Literotica ( http://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=257531&page=submissions ).

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