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  • @'the:

    Hi, I love your work, I like Analia the way she is, what a beautiful sight to behold. I want to see more pics of her butt. I can never have enough. I bookmarked this page to follow your updates. Have a nice day, and keep up the good work.

    Many thanks!!!

    The world will be seeing Analia again, but probably not here. There are several reasons.

    First, my work schedule is going to be insane until February. I can do a little bit of art at work, but I can't risk having pussies, assholes & dicks on my screen while at my job. A bit of T&A I could explain…

    Second, I'm going to stop using this nom de plume. Once again, several reasons. I had originally used this name as a mocking gaming handle. I didn't stop to think that my art activities would overlap into my gaming life. My images did lead to some guild drama. Also, the original creator of the Elmo Snard character doesn't really appreciate the name being connected to 'lolicon' porn.

    You know, Analia is what is now called a shortstack in perv art circles, not a lolicon. Almost all of my art has involved Analia, because I'm preparing to do a story involving her. Nothing against any loli artists out there, but that's not the rep I want to have.

    I really do appreciate your interest in Analia. She'll be seen again and the next time y'all see her, her ass will be absolutely perfect.

    If you, or anybody else, want to contact me, I have a account by the name of ElmoSnard. Y'all know what to do to construct an email address from that(hopefully the bots don't). Just drop me a note, and I'll let y'all know what's going on. I still check that email at least once a day.

  • Hi, I love your work, I like Analia the way she is, what a beautiful sight to behold. I want to see more pics of her butt. I can never have enough. I bookmarked this page to follow your updates. Have a nice day, and keep up the good work.

  • In my opinion her eyes are too narrow/small here and the green eyelashes don't work as well as black ones do, plus they are a lot shorter.

  • I've converted Analia from Genesis over to Genesis 2 Female. I'm not done reworking her, but it's been too long since I've done an image. So I did one. So here's Analia in all her callipygian glory:

    Comments are welcome of course.

  • I decided to try to do a photorealistic image. Here's Analia in the classic Venus Callipyge(Ἀφροδίτη Καλλίπυγος) pose:

    This image was rendered using just the standard 3Delight found in DAZ Studio.

    The skin looks like skin, the plastic dice looks like plastic dice, but the hair… doesn't look like hair. Oh well. More research is needed.

    I'm really not that against photorealism. I just think it would be too time consuming to produce "A Gnome's Tail". Consistency is another issue.

    Then again, using shaders to simulate other art styles isn't proving to be any faster.

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  • Here's a better view of Analia's plump round ass. She's still being fucked up the butt by that minotaur with the 50 inch dick.

    This image didn't turn out anything like what I wanted it to, but I learned a lot doing it. At this stage that needs to be enough.

  • Here's an image of Analia taking 50 inches of minotaur cock up her butt.

    Yeah, it's extreme.

    There are at least four reasons I created an image like this.

    First, I wanted to practice creating text balloons.

    Second, I wanted to experiment with creating custom morphs on already posed characters and also to see how extreme I could make those morphs. This here is about as far as an abdomen morph can go before you start having lots of mesh smoothing problems. Poor Analia is going to need lots of geografts.

    Third, it's been far too long since I created an image with explicit sexual content. I joked about that in the post I made on April 1st.

    Fourth, this is the natural culmination of that April Fools post I did.

  • Ok, I'm back to creating images of Analia.

    Here's Analia at the beach wearing a bikini:

    I did this one just so I could show something to people that didn't want to see nudity.

    I fiddled with the light color a little bit to get a sort of sunset coloration effect.

  • I decided to do something a little different and work on somebody else's character. Here's Jaxtraw's Lucy Lastique. She's an elf-like space alien with gigantic tits.

    If you're wondering why I did this render, there are a couple of reasons… and those should be pretty obvious. :)

    Ok, now that I've got that out of my system, you can find Jaxtraw's real work at DeviantART and Jaxtraw Studios. He's got years worth of work on his main site. Go check it out. It's worth it.

  • I decided to just do an image for fun, so here's Analia's ass… again:

    Actually, I like the way this one turned out.

  • Here's the colorized version of Analia's come-hither look:

    The last color image I posted of her had way too much noise in it, so I changed the settings for a cleaner render. I've also taken the time in postwork to remove or soften a few blips.

    Ok, I need "A Gnome's Tail" to have a somewhat cartoonish or comicish style. The above image is both comic-like and clean, so why not go with it?

    Well, a little napkin math will show why not. That image took hours to render. On my current computer, I'd only be able to produce two images per day, since I'd have to render the images while I'm asleep or gone to work. Pages usually have between 4 and 8 panels, rarely a page will have only one large picture. Let's just say that each page will need 6 images. So far chapters are going to range between 6 and 25 pages. Those larger chapters will be less frequent, so I'm going with an average of 12 pages per chapter. So around 72 images per chapter. It's looking like "A Gnome's Tail" will have around 110 chapers, so that's 1320 pages or around 7920 images. Why not call it 8K? At 2 images per day it would take close to 11 years to finish "A Gnome's Tail." That is a failure state.

    What needs to happen is that I produce one page per day on average. At that rate It would take around 3.6 years to produce 110 chapters. Since I'd probably only work on this project 5 days a week, skip holidays & there will be the inevitable do-overs, "A Gnome's Tail" will probably take closer to 5 years at a rate of one page per day. That… I'll be able to do.

    So I need render times down to 20 to 30 minutes by either using simpler shaders like those B&W or getting a computer more powerful by a factor of... I can't even estimate yet.

  • I'm still testing out those b&w shaders. So, here's Analia again using one of her come-hither looks, and her ass, to entice some lucky male:

    I created this pose a few months ago for one of the 'sketches' I'm using to plan out Chapter 1.

    I'm probably not going to do "A Gnome's Tail" in B&W. There are too many disadvantages. It needs to be in color, like comix. I don't want to use the default shaders, because the results are too inconsistent and it takes five times too long. I'd need to find some good comic or toon style shaders and try them out. Or I can create the images in black and white and color them using Gimp. Since the original plan was to draw Project Forestscape by hand, scan it & then color it, I'm really not losing much by going that route. I need to learn those techniques anyway.

  • @'hzr':

    She looks way better in the black and white shot. I would say try different textures. Especially the face doesnt work for me with these textures, but the greyscale shot just shows that it looks okay if you look at the base figure.

    Looking better in b&w was expected. The human mind recognizes the humanoid shape and fills in the details. That's why pencil, ink & paint artists can so easily avoid the uncanny valley.

    I'll certainly try more textures. My goal is to achieve a comics style look. That should certainly be possible while still using 3Delight.


    I think the old eyebrows were better to be honest. I think these ones are a bit close together, looks sort of like a mono brow even if it isn't. And maybe her neck is a bit fat. Could be the angle of the image though.

    Since Analia is based on the Pathfinder gnomes you can see why I chose to go that direction with the eyebrows. There are, however, still some issues to work out with them. There also seems to be a lighting artifact on the bridge of her nose. That's embarrassing. I should have caught that. That's what happens when you try to be quick.

    Looks like she still has gymnast neck. It's not the angle. Thanks for catching that. I'll reduce the neck… and add a little more to her ass to make up for it. ;)

  • I think the old eyebrows were better to be honest. I think these ones are a bit close together, looks sort of like a mono brow even if it isn't. And maybe her neck is a bit fat. Could be the angle of the image though.

  • She looks way better in the black and white shot. I would say try different textures. Especially the face doesnt work for me with these textures, but the greyscale shot just shows that it looks okay if you look at the base figure.

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