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  • the websiite actually searchs newegg and amazon and other place like that for prices.

    found the Consair you were talking about :D

  • That place is ripping you off on ram. You can get an 8GB stick from Corsair for about $100 on Newegg.

    You'll also need a CPU cooler. If you're going the route of liquid cooling, I'd recommend this one.

    I've been using it and it's been pretty good. It's a bitch to install, but once you get it working, you'll never do back to fans.

  • The ram costs are quite high for those you picked. Try looking for 2x4gb instead. Should save you money. The ones I found were 70 euros, so the ones listed on this site seem to be almost double the price. When you plant 4x2 on that board it will be filled and incase you want to upgrade you have to buy a whole new set of ram and throw out the old pieces.

  • An SSD for your operating system and Daz / Poser would be ideal. Probably like a Samsung EVO 240, generally the cheapest most often.

    Also, don't forget your operating system. That's another 100 or so.

    Case, that is personal preference, but assuming you are doing the build yourself, I would go for the largest case possible. Cosair 800D or Antec 1200 come to mind. You want room to grow.

    If I were you, I would watch for parts everyday. Just posted today:–-corsair-enthusiast-series-tx750-v2-750w-80-bronze-atx-power-supply-psu is a double edged sword, I dont know how many things I saved money on... by spending money on it. :D

  • ok so i think i got everything correct here. but i does it matter what kind of case you get? or hard drive.

  • Question: as far as mobo RAM is concerned…I'm on the I get the new trident ram for my Z77A GD65 mobo though its normal speeds require faster settings of the mobo, or do I continue on course with corsair vengeance? Decisions decisions. MY concern is even if the RAM is just fine, the power draw overheating the mobo and lifting traces or warping/deforeming part of it. This mobo covers the ram's normal speed (2133) but it's an OC setting for the mobo.

    Tho, I'm probably going with either 4 or 8 Gigs of kingston regular just to get started. All depends on what I find on my next trip to fry's.

    I know online gives best deals, but for now I'm letting the plastic cool off. So I am seeing what deals are to be had in person.

  • Here is my recommendation :

    CPU : I7 4770k - Socket 1150 - 275 euro
    Board : ASRock Fatal1ty H87 Performance Intel H87 - 80 euro
    Ram : 8gb DDR3-1600 - 75 euro / 16gb for 120 euro
    GPU : Nvidia GTX 760 2gig ram - 210 euro / 4gig version for 260 euro
    Power : Themaltake 630W - 50 euro

    Cheapest would be 690 euro, using dollar to euro its 931 dollars
    Biggger budget version with more ram would be 785 euro = 1059 dollars

    The i7 4770k would be ideal for rendering since its the best rendering cpu for normal human beings atm as far as I know. The amds are way slower and the money you save on them initially will come back to bite you in the ass on the power bill annually :)

    The board is a good compromise and has usb2.0+3.0 slots, enough ceiling for ram upgrades with 4x16gb and sata 6gb slots.

    More ram is always better but 8gb should be okay for a start and is the easiest to upgrade when you got a bit of money for spare.

    I packed in the gtx 760 so youre on the safe side when it comes to gpu rendering. It is not the best one of course, but it is a good compromise between being able to use CUDA rendering applications and having good gaming speed. Alternatively just go for an ATI Radeon which should be way cheaper but you have to decide wether you might want to give up the ability to use CUDA based rendering applications to save a bit of money.

    If you already have a good 550W+ power supply then you might get away without a new one. Intel doesnt drain so much power compared to the amd cpus and the gtx760 doesnt drain as much either compared to its bigger brothers. So this is really something you might want to test. If your old one holds up you might save a few bucks here :)

    Hope this helps.

    edit : I know its a bit over the budget, but thats the closest you get to a really good system in terms of cpu. Since you plan on going with Luxrender and CPU is most needed, this is the best you could get. If gaming isnt the biggest factor for you then you can even just get away with a used 100 euro card on ebay. I was gaming with a 4 year old gtx460 up until recently and never had any problems with the newest games…

  • Yeah I agree with advice so far. Am in the same boat as you.

    If you're going to get something, I think aside from deciding what rendering programs you're going to use as the end purpose…you should also consider for your hardware to get a mobo with a socket that isn't obsolete or about to be.

    The big thing with intel is the new Haswell CPUs because ivy bridge is last gen now and I am stuck with that. I suppose it won't really be a problem if I go with GPU render programs.

    Here's what to consider: Your graphics card or cards. You want to have a fairly good bit of ram on board your video card if you want it to be able to handle very many objects at high resolution. You also want it to be able to handle and process what you're doing in a reasonable amount of time.

    I don't know what's on the AMD side (Genesis?). But I am pursuing the nVidia side if you care to hear it.

  • Based on budget… and the fact you want to press games as well, I would probably lean towards AMD as well. Most of your budget should really go towards the vidcard, probably based on whatever brand loyalty you may lean towards one way or another.

    I am currently on AMD, but I would prefer Intel. It was just the cheapest way to get 6 PCI-E slots at the time.


  • Well, honestly, as stated, you really should have a specific purpose, because this is one of them questions that could turn into an all day debate with people saying get an intel processor, others saying go AMD, others saying get a gaming video card, and others saying get a workstation graphics card.

    If you're looking to keep it 800 or less, AMD is pretty well a no brainer. I've used AMD since 2005 in every one of my builds and honestly, I have never had much to complain about.

    Start with your processor first, then build around it as you obviously know, there are AMD only and Intel only motherboards. Decide which you'll do more of, rendering or gaming, in the end, and build for that purpose. I know, not incredibly helpful, but with so much out there, there's no perfect answer I think.

  • well i plan on using Luxrender. im pretty sure luxrender is mainly CPU based.

  • administrators

    yeah the rendering engine will determine whether the focus is on CPU or GPU
    but def get an SSD as OS and software drive, so that everything loads nice and quick

  • First question you have to ask yourself "What rendering engine are you going to use?" Then you can go from there. Really machines should be built for a purpose, not "Hey this is what I got, what can I do with it?"

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