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  • Well…I bought a reprogrammed NES cartridge with MegaMan Ultra romhack on it. Works like an original.

    I have a sort of thing for lasers.

    I like making custom decal stickers.

    I am making the case of my new PC.

    Yeah I'd say I am a techno fetishist.

  • I was, a few years ago. Now I still read things on tech website (mainly Mac/OSX ones), since my comp is my work tool. But I don't want to buy the latest comp just because it has this or that part, even as a Mac user. I just change my comp when I need to.

    For the phones, well, I don't own any smartphone.

    For the consoles, I have more fun playing my NES/SNES/Megadrive games than the XBOX360 ones, so…

    Now, what excites me, is when I read the improvements we make in medicine and surgery, the improvements we make in space exploration, or simply the ones we make when building you own house. You know, choosing this or that material, and all the ecologic/economic stuffs.

  • I used to be…but the industry and the culture essentially turned me hostile towards a lot of tech. I live in the SF Bay Area, and the culture has turned into a cancer in the region that is slowly spreading everywhere else. It used to be I was all "oh wow, this is cool, wonder what I could do, etc. etc." Now, my response to new tech is "How many more of my friends are being kicked out because some narcissistic/selfish piece of shit from Ohio or Pakistan thought this up?"

  • 1- Nope
    2- Nope
    3- Nope

    Im more interested in what Bliss said. VR interaction, holodecks that sort of thing.

  • Well, I am going to buy a 3D printer, so I can print out Girlfriends for ever

  • ^ I agree, the coolest tech is in the research labs, not the home :)

  • It's not consumer tech that excites me. That stuff is a bit dull. But yes, I am. I love the fact that we have created neural computer interfaces, and are moving ahead in the field of prosthetics, and that soon we'll be able to cure cancer, and so many other awesome things. Technology is bringing us to places that even sci-fi could've never fully predicted. It's fascinating through and through.

  • Hahaha, not really like that. I like those things but meh, the only thing I'm excited for right now is the Rift.

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