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  • only works for me if the girl is (imo) really pretty, in that case as much foreplay as the director allows is fine by me

  • Yes. Foreplay is necessary for a good scene. For me it helps flesh out the fantasy to see our players begin the scene fully clothed and just talking, then move into kissing, then the fondling and disrobing… and so on. All part of the build up to the climax.

  • Foreplay is needed…set the mood.
    The porn movies of today where it's just start fucking does nothing for a person...or for me anyway :)
    That's why I love 3DX, the story can be told so well!

  • True sometimes the idea of having sex or going to have sex the whole leading up to it part can be intense for some people.

  • Considering that one of my favorite parts of G4E is Tara kissing Sayako and Sayako getting erect … leading Tara up to the moment where she opens her mouth and ...

    So ... um ... yes ...? :blush:

  • Same here nothing like a good build up to the action !

  • Why shouldn't it? Is that different for girls??? Isn't that thing of taste, you know, girl or guy depens on the personal taste. For me it works.

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