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  • I suppose just for the sake of experimentation, move the eyebrow body part deeper into the head? I get the same artifact in Octane if I do not turn it completely off. Then it doesn't even get pooped to Octane. If I push to Octane with it "invisible" it will artifact.

    Sounds like in Reality it is still there, even if invisible. Which shouldn't have an impact… but in Octane it does.

  • Ah, yes, the eyebrows have their opacity turned off in Daz and is a Null object in Reality, so it's completely non visible :)
    Nova's reasoning makes sense though so I'll try that out :) Thanks fellas,

  • Silly question, did you turn her eyebrow off? It's a rarely used material… I just turn it off.

  • Something like this happens for me if i use lux with gpu, you could try to use cpu only.

  • I have seen this before, though it's more common for me with M4 than with V4 … and not quite in the same way. I generally see it occur as a line more than a hole like this.

    Near as I can tell, in most cases for me anyway, it seems to be an issue with displacement causing what is essentially a dead spot in Lux ... where it can't calculate the light response for whatever reason. I've had relatively good success correcting it by lowering the displacement values (or using a less aggressive normal map). I've also seen it correct itself over the duration of the render or by simply shifting the light source slightly.

    Anyway, hope that helps somewhat!

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