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  • Thanks so much Nephanor. I've always found myself creating characters with brunette or black hair, so it was a little awkward stepping out into the red hair zone, but it seems it worked out pretty nice for her. :)

  • I just like me some redhead, so Brianna is just….PERFECT!

  • Thanks guys. I think it's been pretty clear based on a poll I ran on DA and the amount of requests I've had with her, that Brianna's knocking all my other girls down. :) Not that I could say I blame anyone. Taylor Rae seems to be creeping up behind her a bit, but I agree with you Supro, I think I gotta start doing some better stuff with Jenna too. She's got a lot of potential yet to be realised.

    More things to come! :)

  • Let me just say that Brianna is currently in the lead with your girls (Jenna is a close second). I want to see more of her!

  • I likes!


    Render 5 - Trying to step up the quality on her a bit.

  • administrators

    some excellent renders there, love this one in particular


    Render 2

    and this one


    just very realistic and they stand out for me :)

  • Nice assortment of shots. I really like the two shots with the dark skinned girl and the pool shot. Great colours and mood in those.

  • Considering the fact that 3d printers are on sale now, your idea of brianna as a mantle figurine isnt impossible ;)

  • Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been active here, but definitely not dead lol. Figured it's time I get this thread updated with a select few pieces I've finished out. I've posted elsewhere, but some of you may not have seen them. I've been really working the hell out of this new character, Brianna, who seems to be doing pretty well for herself. So I'll just drop in a few that I've done with her.

    The first couple of ones were early ideas, and not very realistic, but as time went on, I've been really pumping some hard work into her.

    Render 1


    Render 2


    Render 3


    Render 4 - This was based on an idea I had of Brianna being a mantle figurine. :)


    Render 5 - Trying to step up the quality on her a bit.


    Render 6 - Tweaking that pussy a bit. :)


    Render 7 - Now taking it for a ride. ;)


    Render 8 - Brianna and Taylor Les' scene


    Render 9 - Taylor and Brianna slippin' some tongue.


    Now here's some other pieces, which weird enough, I found sitting tucked away in one of drives. I thought these were long gone, but turned out, I had them marked as 'hidden' on my drive lol. I know they're not exactly good fucking scenes, but I suppose they could should show where I was at with stuff about a year ago.

    In no particular order -









    Ok, I think I render spammed enough, so I'll leave you guys with this stuff for now. Thanks for looking!

  • @'miro':

    excellent, the lighting works really well… can't wait to see the little critters handing out their candy, not sure why she's putting on such a grim face though, doesn't she like treats? :P

    Thanks Miro for the feedback. She's got a lot of treats coming her way for sure. I guess the look on her face is just a little bit of shock, but no worries, she'll warm up to these guys once things get going. You know, just a little resistant at first. :P

  • administrators

    excellent, the lighting works really well… can't wait to see the little critters handing out their candy, not sure why she's putting on such a grim face though, doesn't she like treats? :P

  • Alright, I figured I'll make one more submission on this story. I hate to give too much away right off the bat, but this project is actually so much fun, I'm kind of having a hard time containing myself. So many possibilities. :)

    This is basically a stripped down version of what I actually plan on making for the final. As you can see, the little goblins are kind of, well, dongless, so I've got that in the works to remedy that situation.

    At this point though, Taylor has been ambushed by the hiding goblins, with the possibility of more showing up for the fun. Soon, these little goblins will be stuffing Taylors little goodie basket with treats. :D


  • Thanks Miro and Dirk, and yes, Miro, once I get a few more scenes rendered out and finalized, I may submit them. That's what's been holding me up on submitting anything for the contest is trying to get this story rolling out. I know times ticking on that too, so I guess I better get it going. :D

  • Looking really nice man! Stoked to see more of the set.

  • Ok guys, finally got my first scene pretty well laid out properly and polished up compared to my last draft. This is basically how it's gonna start, Taylor venturing down the sidewalk, goblins waiting for the ambush, and then some good fun! :) Sorry for the watermarking, just don't want to having this nicked and put somewhere else just yet. Gotta get the story laid out and more scenes done first.

    I know I'm moving slow as hell here on the flow of things, but really now, that I have the texturing work polished up as well as the lighting, things should fall right into place as I already have a few scenes planned out in my head.

    I know it's not much to look at just yet, but will follow with better eye candy.


  • administrators

    great sounding and looking halloween concept, you should submit one of your images for the halloween contest as well :)

    looking forward to her first encounter :D

  • Sorry, once again been on the quiet side a bit as of late, but rest assured I've been cooking up something new. It's been an idea I've had going on in my head for a few weeks and finally starting to get around to getting it down. I want to get this done hopefully in time for halloween, and possibly use some of these for the upcoming contest.

    This will be a series of sex images I'll be doing and it will be known as "Taylor Rae meets the goblins". Basically, the story is like this. It's Halloween eve, and Taylor is walking the streets alone, going to one of her friends for some drinks. However, little does she know, she is being stalked by the goblins of Halloween, who are watching her every move, waiting for the perfect time to strike. The goblins are basically just little workers for the big boss, who goes by the name simply of Pumpkin Head, which will make his appearance at a later time.

    Every Halloween the goblins stalk the streets for victims who are caught off guard and alone, preferably sexy busty women who look like they could use a lesson in sex education from the dark side. The goblins then restrain their victims until the leader comes along to finish out the job. Kind of cheesy I know, but it sounded good at first lol. Hopefully I can pull this off the way I see it in my head.

    So here's a quick concept render, not much detailing done, but basically setting the mood and getting an appropriate location scoped out. More scenes will come as I finish them.


  • Sweet, I also notice there's a topless photograph of Lara hanging on the wall.


    Alright, here we gooooo! Taylor Rae, Jenna Juicy, one lucky bastard, a bottle of Jagermeister, and a sunny warm afternoon. How much better could things get?

    Big thanks to Supro for allowing me to display his sexy mistress lana upon the walls of these fine folks. :) Hope you like ti bro. ;)

  • Looks great, but whats with that bright white light shape in the lower left corner?? Forgot to turn an area light invisible? :)

    I really like the light here. Nice reflections overall and on the sofa fabric in particular.

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