Can't Contact Cash App by Phone to get refund?

  • To get a refund on Cash app, you have to make a request for that particular payment that you want return. You have to follow the below-given guidelines. Open your account and tap on the profile icon and then select personal tab. From there, select payment tab and tap on the particular payment and then click on refund. For more Contact Cash App by Phone.

  • I've seen enough stuff on the interwebz to have learned that some people are in to some FREAKY shit, stuff that makes animal sex, shit n piss etc seem on the same level of sanity as feet.

  • I got a commission from someone who wanted a girl growing abnormally. Breast or butt expansion is pretty okay (can't say no to the titties or bootay), but it was more like one limb was growing larger than the other and lips were almost the width of her face. It was a really strange pic to do.

  • Dizzy I cant agree with you more, I have had soem requests then a list a mile long and look at it and say - ummm no thanks that will take me a year jstu to develop and even then i am sure some thing wont be perfect in their view

  • I'm fine with doing some weird stuff, I just get surprised by how popular some of the stranger things are. For instance, I did a couple commissions for a guy who really liked demon possession. He wanted a hot demon girl to go into an unsuspecting woman, expand her breasts while turning her a weird color, and then go back to normal like nothing happened. For whatever reason there are a lot of people who like this type of thing, and I have received plenty of requests for the same type of stuff. It wish I enjoyed doing more of that work because there is a demand somewhere, but I just got tired of doing the same stuff.

  • Hehe, I had a fair share of "interesting" requests too :)

    The "pls create this person from this photo" request is quite the recurring theme actually. I get these relatively often. I wouldnt have much of a problem doing these, but I usually turn them down because I suck at creating faces and the effort to come up with something good for someone who actually knows how the real person looks… its just too hard.

    Some woman in their 30s (at least I assume that she was in that age range from the photos she sent) wanted me to do some alien reproduction theme, which wasnt really my thing lol... guess thats the one that freaked me out the most so far.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with the "can you do my wife" thing. Its just really creepy, if you have the real thing, why do you want a model of her? I once got a request to do someone's "girlfriend" that included a whole slew of stalker-ish pics of some poor girl as reference. I immediately declined of course, the whole ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth.

    The other thing that I find a bit strange is when people request (or demand) very specific things. Precise outfit, a color palate for the girls eyes, eyeshadow, blush, hair style and color, earrings, background, body type (with measurements), toe nail color, panties, position, lighting, expression, textures etc. There is a very big difference between a request and a commission and people sometimes fail to consider how long this takes. I wouldn't ask an artist I saw off the street to do 20 hours worth of work, gratis. Just seems weird you know?

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