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  • Beavis and Butt-Head did make a return to mtv in 2012 for new series….and it was just as funny as I remembered (One entire episode was Cornholio becoming the leader of a cult :D )

  • Born in the eighties and grew up in the ninetys

    I miss Beavis and Butt-Head

  • 4 player split-screen mutilplayer games. super smash bros and goldeneye 007

  • In my day tom and jerry did not talk that must make me old, what do I miss for me it has to be the innocence of the 1960s The Beatles early beach boys the who jimmy Hendrix a real power house of a time.
    I will be 65yrs old in march going grey and looking to buy my next motorcycle.
    at the moment on the turn table is George Thorogood long live rock.

  • The original voice of Tom in Tom and Jerry

    And all those mid 90's porno's from Private that gave me my intro to porn :D

  • Marvin the Martian

  • Bugs bunny and Yosemite Sam.

    Dont laugh im serious! :D

  • I miss the days when people would talk to strangers because there was nothing else to do while riding the bus.

  • ^ Chris Rock had a great line about that very thing…."every year the space gets smaller, you can go from that corner to that corner, you can go from that gate to that gate, by the time the muthafucker's 10 he's just hopping in a circle" very insightful


    I miss the days when internet piracy required a certain amount of skill and effort, these days I can find a pirated example of almost anything on the first page of google results.....kinda takes the fun out of it when its that easy.

  • @'erah':

    Good quality Cartoon Network shows.

    I dunno. While some of their shows are bad (Annoying Orange and Mad), they still have some awesome shows. Hell, I would say Gumball is better than most of the old CN shows after you take the nostalgia goggles away.

  • I miss kids going outside to play. There is no more playing sports in the street in quiet neighborhoods, no more hide and seek, no more going to the school playground for a pick-up game of football. So many people have become so paranoid that no one leaves the house. Very sad :(

  • Good quality Cartoon Network shows.

  • I think good old FF7 you can't beat it, graphics are so dated but the story line is one of the best :)

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