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  • Thanks mate. Some nice models I'd been keen to get my hands on there, but it all seems a bit painful for my current mindset. Maybe tomorrow :)

  • a new one:

    edit: there is a weird point base system where voting, commenting, sharing the items you want to download allows for free stuff. seems a bit of a pain in the butt. Catalog is big tho.

    my, please make this thread sticky !

  • Make this thread a sticky !

  • @'GhostHunter3X':

    An off subject question if you don't mind. Is Poser a stand alone program or do you need a second program to use & animate the models created in Poser? I'm an artist & have done quite a bit of animation, I'd like to try doing some 3DX but my budget for buying software is very limited.

    Neither Poser nor Daz Studio are figure creation/modeling apps. They're for posing and animating of existing and compatible figures only.

    Daz Studio was built by half of Poser's original core dev team, so there are a lot of similarities between the two. However, there are things Poser does that DS can't do, and there are things DS can do that Poser can't, so your best bet is to try both (though Poser has no actual demo, I think).

    I will say that DS 4.8 has the current advantage with the inclusion of Nvidia's Iray renderer, which is a considerable threat to both Luxrender and Reality. However, there is a free Luxrender script for Poser called Pose2Lux which competes with Reality, although Reality is more actively developed and features auto-loading presets for the base figures which assigns the correct material types. I'm not sure of Pose2Lux can store presets like that.

    However, there are quality light sets for both DS and Poser that can achieve the same image quality as the physics-based renderers (IDL Studio and SunLight in particular).

    Both programs have your choice of image-based texturing or node-based material management if you're into the whole "Math Is Fun" concept.

    As well, the Daz Genesis 2 figures work natively in DS, and have problems in Poser. Older figures like V4/M4, however, work just fine in Poser, and have a ton of add-ons (free and not) that can be found at Renderotica, Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, as well as Daz' site.

    I've used Poser since version 3 came out, and dabbled in Daz Studio since it came out. Both have their own interface quirks to overcome, and both have advantages, and both rely heavily on community-created content and add-ons. Both do an equal job regarding animation and scene composition.

    The main area that DS outshines Poser is the near-constant development and new feature implementation and improvements to existing features made with each minor revision. Poser gets something new maybe once every two years, and older features are merely left to gather dust (the Hair Room).

    PoserPro GameDev includes a Kinect-ready motion capture plugin, however I'm not sure if it's restricted to v1 hardware. At this point, Daz Studio does not have such a feature. I'm also not sure if Brekel for Kinect V2 can interface with DS. I just haven't looked that far into it.
    It also includes a mesh-reduction plugin to make meshes more efficient, for easier transition to game engines like Unity.
    There's a buyable plugin for Daz Studio that does this.

    At this point I can't say which one is better in terms of using only one or the other exclusively. If the next iteration of Poser were to include higher-quality features such as MentalRay, Nvidia HairWorks, or a Marvelous Designer plugin, they could steal Daz' thunder quickly. However, Daz makes the majority of the figures that both programs use.
    While I've been spending more time in Studio lately due to the Iray renderer, I do see where I will need Poser for just as many reasons as I need Daz Studio.

  • stumbled on this one just now, looks well organized:

  • I would agree there with Sol Reality is so much easier to use and the renders come out amazing, well worth the money :) In fact best $30 i have ever spent haha

  • Keep in mind for Luxrender you still need a plugin for it to work with Daz. I use Reality but there is also Luxus which is pretty cheap, I prefer Reality though.

  • Yeah Daz is a good place to start and when your ready can also give Luxrender a go (It's Free), It can make your renders look really nice.

  • Thanks for the info. I'm going to give Daz a try and see what I can come up with. I see Daz has lots of extra add on sets that are really inexpensive too, looks good.

  • You can animate both in Poser and Daz. If I remember correctly the basics for the Daz animation softaware is free but a more extensive "upgrade" costs a bit. It could also be free with Daz 4.6 though, not sure.

  • Poser and Daz3d are stand alone but i think it cost's about $450 for Poser where Daz3D pro is free.
    Poser - http://poser.smithmicro.com/poser10-poserpro2014/
    Daz3D - http://www.daz3d.com/

    hope that helps :)

  • An off subject question if you don't mind. Is Poser a stand alone program or do you need a second program to use & animate the models created in Poser? I'm an artist & have done quite a bit of animation, I'd like to try doing some 3DX but my budget for buying software is very limited.

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