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  • @'fredfred5150':

    My immature (or just damn cool) choice would be Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden

    Yeah, I'm one of those guys who dreams of being a Ninja :shy:

    I knew there was a reason I liked you, Fred. XD

  • I'm with SinCyprine; I've thought about characters being cool and people I'd like to spend time with, but its never occurred to me to self-insert as specific on-screen characters.

  • Since SW is also a big part of gaming culture I am sure its okay when I use this one.

    Couldnt be an easier choice for me than this one.

    He isnt awesome at many things but he can do a little bit of everything. Plus his luck never runs out :)

  • My immature (or just damn cool) choice would be Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden

    Yeah, I'm one of those guys who dreams of being a Ninja :shy:

  • I think the best all around character is from the first video game where you could save your progress (pls do correct me if I'm wrong on that!), Link from the Legend of Zelda franchise, art by

    But I think there's classic badass, and then eclectic badass, where things on paper sound ridiculous and outlandishly dumb, but when you put it all together it's genius and makes for a true hero we can relate to. MUTHAFUCKIN' MARIO. An italian plumber with a mustache who can double in size, jump like crazy and squish his foes, and occasionally shoot fireballs.


    Oh, and I forgot my favorite fighting character, never to be beaten - will kick your ass on max difficulty no matter how many years you've practiced. {in your deepest voice} SUB ZERO. I love his ice sword kori blade, great version of him. I also like the version without his mask and shirtless under the vest.

  • Lisa Hamilton from the Dead or Alive series. She has a few things going for her:

    1. Ridiculously hot.
    2. Intelligent and educated with a high-paying job.
    3. Surrounded by ridiculously hot girlfriends.
    4. Excellent combatant.
    5. Ridiculously hot wardrobe.
    6. Visits exotic locales.
    7. Did I mention she's ridiculously hot?

    Yeah, easy call to make. She and I don't share our genders, but hell, if I'm going to change identities I may as well go all the way and see what life on the other side of the fence is like. I'm pretty happy as a dude, don't get me wrong, but I can't imagine I'd be much worse off as a girl like that.

    EDIT: Though now that I think about it, I -would- miss having a dick. So maybe a futa Lisa of Sayakesque proportions.

  • Easy ;)

  • Hmm, I would love to be if given the chance, Bayonetta. Just being able to wield an array of weapons, and a great hairstyle. And some admiration for those curves =D (plus she's brave, bold, and awesome) A close second would be Samus (from the Metroid series) exploration, wild unknown, and always on adventures.

  • being old school pnp rpg, i dont enjoy the new trend where you need to play as Croft or who-ever.
    i understand the potential narrative advantages it presents to writers & developpers but i cant identify.

    now ask me what univers i like to create a character in and i answer Planescape (the pnp and the video game which is an obvious exception to the previous statement) and Fallout.

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