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  • as discussed in another thread, its not so much the characters but what they do, more precisely what the resulting image evokes: anything that would repeatedly treat the other miserably is not acceptable in my book.

    the same way everyone shits, sleeps, eat, everyone has (hopefully) good times under the blankets (and elsewhere) so capturing one of those moment is not an issue.

    the interresting choice of word in your question is sacred ahahahah, isnt the joining of bodies sacred enough to erect monuments ? (pun intended)

  • I actually prefer for 3DX characters to be separate to regular ones. With the exception of the Dead or Alive series, given that that franchise borders as closely on 3DX as it can without going over. But generally I don't much care for Lara Croft porn or Tyrande Whisperwind porn or whatever, because those characters are already established in a different setting. I can't really unite the notion of them getting banged silly with the things they do in the games they feature in. They're asexual characters to me.

    So I actually do prefer original characters in my 3DX. That's part of what makes G4E so good.

  • Heh, its the same for me. I really only create figures in Daz Studio to put them in 3dx scenes. I might at some point in the future create a few for a non porn comic, but thats really just WAAAAY off right now.

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    Ermm… I know people's opinion is screwed up when it comes to sex (in my opinion), but I see it the other way around, only the ladies I hold dearest would get the porn treatment, but then again I don't think women who like sex are "sluts" in the first place :D

    as for 'what' I wouldn't do, well the usual suspects, but it's simply a taste thing, like I don't like tentacles for example so I don't do them, but anything I do like I'd have the girls do, no restrictions

    but yeah that's just my view... carry on :)

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