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  • This is one feature I absolutely love in games.

    Let's see…

    From the early days of pro wrestling games. WWF War Zone. for today's standard is pitiful but for PS1 and N64 fifteen years ago it was breakout and cutting edge. I'd had some level of customization in WCW NWO Revenge but it was lacking. Then taking the cue from WWF, WCW responded in kind with backstage assault and mayhem.

    Then once WWF became WWE, they started on the Smackdown series. Smackdown Shut Your Mouth was the first game I'd ever played that really allowed me to make various characters. Including myself. I have SmackDown Here Comes the Pain. I'd also gotten Smackdown SvR 2009 and 2010 but I hear after 2007 they started taking away from it. I don't know as I haven't really played my PS2 in some time.

    I know these aren't "best" anymore as they've long been dethroned. But at one point they all were.

    I did help my roommate with Saints Row 4. He wanted to make his "token black guy". At first he made it of Obama but wasn't feeling it. Then when I recited lines from Big Money Hustlas, he remembered Dolemite. Rudy Ray Moore. I made the face as close as the engine would possibly allow and it looked...okay perhaps. Wasn't a dead ringer but it was as close as you got.

    I wish they would have allowed something like that on GTA 3 era games. Though I would not change Tommy's face (RL model Johnathan Sale) for anything on vice city. But I liked the era and it would have been nice to have a game, then, of the genre with that level of customization, that's all I'm saying. It wasn't whacky like saint's row, but it was a still half-believable goofy realism era. It was fun to play. Though I liked GTA4, the magic ended there for me for a number of reasons.

    I was curious about TERA and am curious about FF14. I seriously doubt I will get any more into MMO games, though.

    Will look into APB, now that I am seeing a bit about it.

  • Perfect World has a lot of options but the end results aren't very good.
    Aion was the best I knew at the time of release.

    TERA takes the cake though. It was made by people from the Aion team. Better presets so the end faces you can actually make are beautiful. Downside is that there are zero body sliders (no huge boobies), but given that all the armors are sexy and the amazing faces I can make in there, I'm perfectly fine with that.

  • Ouch….Well lets just hope thay had more money the sense !

  • @'Blain':

    …that's the kind of level or better that needs to be in the game...

    i should point out that APB developement was a finacial nightmare.

    from wikipedia:
    APB has been described by Realtime Worlds executive Colin MacDonald as being "the bastard child of everything we've been striving towards over the 15–20 years" and a culmination of "what [David Jones has] always wanted to do from GTA and before Crackdown and APB."[12]
    ! APB was planned as early as 2005, initially as a Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 title, and intended as the flagship title for the then-newly founded Realtime Worlds studio created by David Jones.[13] Then, it was planned that the Xbox 360 release would be in 2010. In the interim time, Realtime Worlds developed the video game Crackdown, released in 2007, which bore some resemblance to the concepts that were to be in APB.
    ! At the 2008 Game Developers Conference, David Jones stated that APB would be released in 2008.[14] Jones noted that APB would be more like a multiplayer online game with players interacting with up to 25 other players at the same time. He also noted that the game compared well to the typical style of fantasy or sci-fi "multiplayer online" games such as World of Warcraft, but did not expect to compete with those games, as the concept was different. On 14 April 2008, Realtime Worlds announced that it had raised $50 million for APB and other future projects.[15] However, he also confirmed that Realtime Worlds was now looking at a 2009 release.[16] In this same announcement and subsequent interviews, the company stated that that game was now scheduled for release on Microsoft Windows in 2009, and with options for eventual versions on the Xbox 360.[17]
    ! On 21 April 2008, Realtime Worlds announced that it had reacquired the global distribution rights for APB, significantly amending the arrangement made in 2005 with Webzen Games.[17][18] An industry rumour suggested that Realtime Worlds planned to sell the game to Rockstar Games in order to re-craft it as a massively multiplayer Grand Theft Auto, though Realtime Worlds denied these rumors.[19]
    ! In June 2009, Andy Eddy from reported, "Not only did a spokesperson indicate to me after the EA announcement that the title was being developed for Xbox 360, during today's presentation [at E3 2010], Realtime's Dave Jones said that the first consideration would be the PC release, and then it'll come to the console side. So, while what follows isn't strictly for the Xbox 360, it seems that Realtime Worlds sending the game our way is a definite. If everything that I saw today actually comes to our favourite system, we should all be very, very happy."[20]
    ! In July 2009, EJ Moreland from Realtime Worlds made it clear that APB would be a PC release only for the first release, but they would be looking at the possibilities for a console version.[21]
    ! A PC closed beta ran from 19 October 2009 to 4 June 2010.[22] This was followed by an open beta which ran from 12 June 2010 to 19 June 2010.
    ! On 30 April 2010, a press release was published by official fansite APB Evolved that included pricing information and release dates: 29 June 2010 in North America, 1 July in Mainland Europe and 2 July in the United Kingdom.[2] A subscription-like system was used, where players purchase game time for action districts, either by purchasing hours or by opting for an unlimited playtime option for 30 days. Players were required to purchase a copy of the game which included 50 hours of initial game time.[2] Both the game and the website were available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and English.[23]
    ! Development costs were in excess of $100 million.[24]
    even if you're not going for a multiplayer thingy, the character creator/customizer software itself costed a lot (need more sources)

  • Same here I've played that, that's the kind of level or better that needs to be in the game, has miro seen this ?

  • I've played APB, too but as far as I remeber there were something what I didn't like at the creator… but I can't rember what it was...didn't played it for a long time^^

  • the deepest Character Customization you can get is probably APB, a multiplayer shooter.

    you can tattoo

    and pretty much custom everything (car, clothes…) and then forget about it while killing & being killed on the maps :D

    my favorite would be daz3d... but am i biased ? :)

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