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  • IMT Business school provides academic support and placement assistance for candidates interested in pursuing the MBA Program. Top Business School in Hyderabad strives for maintaining a reputation for quality teaching, field-based assignments, case-based learning, productive learning based internships, and final placements in reputed organizations.IMT has evolved a comprehensive student-centric learning approach consisting of several stages, designed to add significant value to the learner’s understanding in an integrated manner.

  • The serial isn't tied to a copy so that's not a problem ;)

  • I get the principal, what I meant was I thought the serial number I have for my current version of daz only works with that specific copy of the program, not as a general license/unlock code for any version I may have.

    The dl for daz just keeps timing out, the daz download/install manager supports resuming timed out downloads, but haven't been able to download that either!

    Guess giving something away for free generates high demand

  • Installing the software from disk and using the legal serial number from your account isn't really any different to downloading it and using the same said serial number, in principal.

    Alas, the download should work… is it just timing out on your connection, or does the installer itself crash?

  • Is the serial number not unique to each item/product?

    And yes, all versions of daz are still free (isn't that nice of them?)

  • @'fredfred5150':

    I'd still need a serial number

    As a registered user, you have it on yr My Account > My Serial Numbers

  • Thanks for the offer Sin, but I'd still need a serial number to unlock all features :)

    Yes erah I have 8gb, and I want to use it! ;)

    I'll figure a way out.

  • 64bit version is definitly more desirable as it can compute more complexe scenes - i remember having scenes crashing on my old 32bit, renders failing etc & daz forum pointing me to get 64bit version.

    pm me an adress & ill gladly send you a burnd cd - which i think is ok since daz is free (?)

  • As far as I'm aware, though i'm not entirely savvy on the technical aspect of it, 32-bit software can only utilise a maximum of 4GB of RAM. I think you have 8GB on your new system? It's always nice to take advantage of the hardware you have, so if you can get the 64-bit version working, go for it.

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