• PGDM means Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The main reason why postgraduate courses are named PGDM is because when an Institute is an autonomous body and conducts management courses then such Institutes cannot offer an MBA degree. Even IIMs, XLRI’s being autonomous and independent bodies do not offer MBA degrees. They only give PGP Diploma or PGDM. When Institute is an autonomous body, they design their own curriculum instead of the following syllabus outdated by University. The reason why they chose to do is that the curriculum can be updated regularly depending on the need in Industry and change in trends. Considering this feature, it can be said that PGDM courses are more Industry relevant as compared to MBA courses. visit PGDM vs MBA for more details.

  • I am intrigued. :D For some reason I've never heard of Ucogi before (shame on me) but this looks cool :)

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