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  • I look at what I used to draw as a teen in high school, even my earlier twenties. Yes I miss those days. .

    I have accumulated an abundance of things I want to try to do. Others written down. Some in great detail. Others vague and thus forgotten if there's insufficient neural pathways to reinforce it (transaltion: it didn't have enough impact for me to think about repeatedly if not obsess about).

    It's depressing. And yet it is part of what compelled me to join this site.

  • being creative i certainly not a drug, its being human - and i know only one state of true withdrawl from that ask the dust
    i suppose you could get snappy and grumpy at 1st if you're missing the tools of the trade you practice a lot, but soon enough would your creativity find new ways to express it self: a pen a piece of paper... its low tech and cheap but i heard you could get awesome renders given time & expertise :)

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