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  • What grabs my attention first is the quality of the render…then the natural instincts take over.

  • Different from girl to girl, Situation to Situation. and my mood. can't really decide for one part there, well everything has to fit for a beautiful char. and also a bit the artists decide where my first look goes, you know he can decide what he focus on or make very special at a character.

  • Girl's face for me. Still, this isn't the only factor because if a girl has a pretty face but terrible everything else, I'll pass ^^

  • If an image has gigantic boobs I'm certainly going to take a closer look, especially if they're bare. A close second would be a nice round ass.

  • I picked the girl's face. That's what I look at the start. But what makes me keep here is also her boobs size (I like big ones) and also what will happens to her. If that's a pretty common story, I'll probably pass… But if pretty daring things happen to her, well, let's say I'll stay a little longer :D

  • Yeah. Boobs. Definitely. But a pretty face….also!

  • I'd have to say boobs but it all depends on what kind of image/video im looking at :p

  • @'fredfred5150':

    So when you're browsing this site or artists blogs looking for pics, whats the thing in the picture that catches your eye, makes you take a closer look, or makes you decide whether to save it or delete it?

    The girl's face. The presence of cum shooting onto it.


  • If I could have multiple votes I would of put cock size and face to my list along with overall body shape. I tend to shy away from skinny body types as it doesn't do it for me. I tend to find body shape such as Sayakos or slightly more muscular types are my interests. Probably just picky of me but I find skinny girls would would have said cock lengths as sayako to look disproportionate my wrong. If that makes any bit if sense to ye. And of course cocksizes that range in the 20+ inches generally are off putting for me. Then of course the type of face is important but I don't dwell on it too much as my eyes generally go looking at the other feature s of the body :)

  • My eyes always travel to the equator of the body. Always have. Somewhat at random I'll either go north, south, or keep looking at her ass. If she's front facing, usually north to her tits.

  • Proportion ,pose, expression and not necessarily in that order.

  • Have to admit i look at over all body shape first (looking for correct and pleasing proportions I guess), then face and eyes (I really am a sucker for a pretty face), then tits and ass fight it out for third place. Then posing and over all render quality and characteristics. ( If there is a male figure in the scene I'll admit to over all build, then face then wang size… If we're being honest.)

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