When can i call Cash App Customer Service Phone Number?

  • If you fronting any issues on Cash app, so first of all, you have to do some additional activity to confirm everything is okay. Like, check your internet connection, user's credentials, account active or not, security pin, touch ID, Facial ID, etc. If you still issue, then use Cash App Customer Service Phone Number.

  • @'magick':

    I have heard from a nurse that it's possible for men to breast feed.

    minimal web search:

    The phenomenon of successful human male breastfeeding has been credibly observed in several cases.[7] However, the cases are not sufficiently documented to allow distinguishing of possible pathologic galactorrhea.

    footnote 7 is http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=strange-but-true-males-can-lactate which cite litterature & anecdotes, explain some processes but doesnt conclude on any actual facts

    see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galactorrhea
    but digging a bit deeper US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has this

    It has been previously reported that men with and without known disease can produce milk, but no studies to date have demonstrated that their secretion contains milk constituents produced specifically by the breast. The present study shows the presence of lactose, alpha-lactalbumin, and lactoferrin in the breast secretion of a 27-yr-old male who had galactorrhea associated with hyperprolactinaemia. The concentrations of lactose, proteins, and electrolytes in the breast secretion of this man are within the range of colostrum and milk obtained from normal lactating women.

    so there you go, at least an official study saying its possible (the fluid from male lactation is = to normal lactating women).
    you'd need more cross reference but this is a start.

  • I have heard from a nurse that it's possible for men to breast feed.

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