Executive PGDM in Hyderabad

  • The PGDM- Executive program at the Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad (IMT-H) has been designed for working executives to enhance their careers. Executive PGDM in Hyderabad Program has been tailor-made for working professionals desirous of acquiring knowledge and skills for their growth and development. A rigorous curriculum interspersed with cutting edge pedagogy facilitates the development of a broader perspective and an enhanced confidence level in participants. This formalizes their knowledge of overcoming real-world business challenges through a deeper understanding of general and specialization subjects which help them fine-tune their leadership acumen along with technical and behavioral skills. Armed with the know-how of critical thinking and the insight of questioning business assumptions, the participants are ready to take the next step in their career by the end of this course. The program structure is adapted to the needs of the participants to balance work and study. To provide rigorous exposure to the foundation of business management through extensive coverage of functional and strategic areas.

  • Over the Xmas break i played a LOT of Wartune and BloodRealm. BloodRealm being a Magic the Gathering type game where you collect cards and play against an opponent summoning creatures or soldiers and casting spells. Wartune is a great blend of a lot of different flash games i've seen in the past. The basic premise is that you play a hero in a typical fantasy setting. Slaying monsters and managing your city. There is also a LOT of other side stuff in the game. You raise your crops, you train troops, you even fish in a little timing game when you're high enough level. Lots of fun for a game you don't have to install!

    These are the first web browser games i've spent a serious amount of time playing. Been neglecting my full on PC MMOs and console games because of KABAM.com :D

  • Haven't played that many non-adult flash games in a long time, N and Happy Wheels were probably the last ones I played. As for adult, Akabur's Magic Shop and Konashion's Super Deepthroat are probably my favourites.

  • adult:
    the guys (gals ?) at Lesson of Passion do very nice work. They have a diversity of themes & play style, and, of course, they use 3d renders :)

    When a render is taking long, i waste time on Kongregate, usually playing Tower Defence style.

  • I don't think I have played adult flash games. Not that I can recall anyway.

    When FB was a little more my thing I played some.

    1. Click Nation's SuperHero City, now owned by BioWare Social. If you need a quick superhero or super heroine OC, you can't lose. You have the gamut of powers and abilities ranging from
    • classic sci-fi
    • similar things like you've seen in comics like Marvel DC Valiant Image and DarkHorse.
    • Dr Who
    • Star Wars
    • Mega Man
    • ancient mythology
    • medieval
    • nerd culture
    • holiday themes
    • anime (Bleach, naruto, mecha like gundam, robotech, or bubblegum crisis, etc.)

    Unfortunately the game is not balanced and the paying members with unfathomable massivle disposable incomes always win out.

    Ninja Saga: Naruto knockoff primarily. They're trying to be innovative though. It plays out like Final Fantasy 1's mechanics apparently… (I don't know, never played a FF game). I've found that those who put the most attribute points into dodge have the highest survivability.

    Army Attack: Generic and fairly straightforward army strategy game. Not unlike a simplified version of command and conquer crossed with NES Desert Command

    New in Town...this game is essentially about racking up social points, $$$, and also meeting real people who also play the game just like yourself. Not much here to see.

    That's all I cna think of at any rate.

  • I'm currently "playing" the cookie clicker game… cuz Cookies are awesome and it's Christmas ( + it requires even less mental resources than the average 1st person shooter :P )

    Pretty hard to resist cheating though since all the stuff is exposed in the public namespace...

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