• MBA gets the individual marked against the master’s degree; while the PGDM gets the individual marked against a diploma. But that is no way relatable to the industrial success record of students or the difference in knowledge that is imparted in the institutes! And with the perspective of getting a job, there is not any major difference at all. [MBA Vs PGDM](https://www.imthyderabad. Securing a placement with a top company in the industry is bound to be a cakewalk if the individual comes from a reputed business school in India. Here it is important to note that the factor which makes all the difference is the infrastructure of the institute that comprises the faculty, as well as the teaching methodology. Besides, the track record and reputation of the institute is also what differentiates it from the rest. Hence, needless to say, a degree or diploma from a well-reputed institute would always be valued more for obvious reasons! Hence, if you are looking to build a successful career path in the field of management, it barely matters that which course you choose. All that matters is the institute that you go for, therefore think practically at the time of finalizing institute for your management course.

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