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  • First of all, Hello Sircus, love your work. I love the way you make your girls, they are sooo hot and sexy, but what makes your scenes so mindblowing is the animation. Tits, dicks, asses it all wiggle in quite realistic yet dreamy way. (My English is far from perfect, so dont be shy to correct my questions.)

    As I said your animation is superb. Some of your work is one "simple" animation which loops over and over and is shot from different angles (like blue elf futa bandit fucking innocent white blonde elf). So…

    1. Are you planning to make some "simple" interactive animation in which we could rotate the camera to our please? Or maybe releasing some tool for this purpose and then making animations compatible with it?

    2. What is with the name Sircus? It is hard for me to search on the net for you as for a person, an artist (but its easy to search for your older work, its all over the net).How it came to be that you are Sircus? Is it your whole artist name? Does it mean anything?

    3. Do you have any "official" site or blog where we could get in touch with you, see what you planning or what you currently working on and (lets be honest here most importantly) feast our eyes on your latest work?

    4. What is so irresistible for you about futas? Why are making only futa videos?

    5. I like the most futas on females, but what do you thing about dickgirl fucking dickgirl or twin dick futas? Are you planning to make animations with these themes.

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  • The women in your works are simply AMAZING! I love not only the size but shape of the breasts on your women…so huge, full, and luscious! Do you have a site where we can find your work? I'd love to see more! Thanks for sharing!

  • Question: Why did you stop making 3D hentai Sircus? I love your work and find it close to Umemaro

  • Looking really fluid and not as static as some of the other animated 3dx stuff. Nicely done and keep it up man :)

  • U are legend.

    I'm not good at searching on internet so cannot find any of your official website,
    Are you current working on some other 3D works?

  • Why you choose futanari as your signature theme?.

    At least all works I've seen of them are futa.

  • Do you have anything big in the works right now?





  • question: was just wandering since you dont do alot of cumshots if you were gonna start showing more cumshots and facials in your work?

    love your work btw.

  • Question:
    Love your work. Will you ever do a full feature(5-10mins or so)?

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    You can post your question here.

  • Doesnt Work. Always get back to this site ^^

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