Business School in Hyderabad

  • IMT Business School in Hyderabad PGDM Program aims at developing leader-managers grounded in Indian Ethos. It offers an interactive learning experience. Case method, simulation, and experiential learning supplemented by concept building lectures, programmed reading, story-telling, meet the mentor-manager, fellowship, and industry visits are part of pedagogy that the faculty adopt. Also, the faculty bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience from global academia and industry. The program puts more emphasis on Practical Skill Sets which is very useful to become successful both in Professional and Personal Life. The Program has a lot of innovations that no other Business School is offering in the country. The most sought after program and a flagship program, Diploma in Life Skills is offered to all the students joining the Course. The entire curriculum is updated every year to match the requirements of Corporate Companies.

  • Having a killer ass… lol

  • I'm proud that I realize many things at 20 that plenty of others only see at 40 or 60 or 80.

  • I'm proud for the fact that I work on this wonderful site and made a lot of friends over the last couple of years doing so.

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