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    Guess I'm a prude after all :D

    I can handle extreme sex but not extreme fetishes, my limits probably around the Taimanin Asagi mark, which I find very good still. Prob the craziest I've seend anything worse than that and I'm just turned off, like beastiatlity. I don't mind monsters within reason, but they have to be human looking, especially human dicks. The only exception was maybe a horse dick that dimitry did.

    With my personal stuff I think I can go a lot more aggressive and crazy in terms of sex intensity itself but no weird/ bizarre fetishes for me. My limits in terms of fetishes are feet ( oooh that's an extreme one :D ), some monster sex and of course dick girls… and dick girls, well seriously the possibilities are endless it just blows my mind what they can do :D That's just personal preference though, I really don't judge what other like though, I know that your born with whatever perversion you have and that's about all there is to it :)

    Ok, I do have one really dark fetish. But if ever I'd really prefer to show it off rather than say what it is.

  • Won't mention sources.

    RL: Girl taking a horse in the bedroom (sorta looked like it at least, I'm sure it was inside the house and not a barn), she is standing, horse is mounted on her shoulders and actively thrusting…almost a bit too dangerous for my taste...same with a fat guy taking it in the same position with a bigger horse...and an insane real life girl belly bulging from huge dildo insertion vid.
    Hentai - Manga: Tentacles invading pussy, urethra, womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries, then spearing said ovaries, spearing bellybutton and showing the internal organs...all in one scene. Think it's also including the classic all-the-way-through and nipplefucking footage which seems almost timid compared to the rest.
    3DX: A bizarre nipplefucking sequence. Easy to top I guess.

    There are surely countless scenes that I thankfully forgot. I hope I'll one day look at this post and think: "Oh yeah, I didn't know I ever watched that..." - or even better would be not re-checking this whole topic. :D

  • Audrey Hollander stuffing a summer sausage in her butt as well as fried chicken. Then her husband eats the fried chicken out of her butt.

    That was a crazy scene.

  • No-one wants to know about your twincest beastiality movies Katz :D

    I saw the porn starlet Gia Paloma try to fit a rubber chicken into her mouth, she got a surprising amount in there, does that count as "crazy"?

  • believe me you don´t want to know what i´ve seen over the years.. you realy don´t want to know.


  • Pretty much any of the elCid comics ;) And in particular this one had me laughing hard

    As an honorary mention, MongoBongo also posted a funny scene with Princess Peach and some mushrooms not long ago. That was also pretty strange and funny at the same time.

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