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  • No no, I'm asking because trying to understand it.

    I've dealt with enough bullshit on YouTube. Apparently someone can make a phony-baloney infringement claim and it isn't even investigated or even questioned. So I'm trying to clear things up now before too long.

    In context:

    -If I had a character whose face was similar or even identical to someone IRL but a different name and other alterations. Someone whose name I don't know.
    -A character on the sly, stylized after another but still different enough to say that my one character is not the others' character.
    -Some character who is still different, but explicitly inspired by another.

    I'm reading the wiki but this isn't always reliable… Sorry if this is confusing anyone.

  • The point with parody is DON'T change the names, unless it's Fluke Starbucker and Ham Salad from Hardware Wars or something like that. If you're clearly making parody you can profit from it if it's funny and people pay. But if you make up other names and have people dressed like Luke and Han and you're making money off it that's a problem. Sorry if I misunderstood the question in the first place!lol

  • So if I change maybe some aspects about some people besides just names…ok...

    And so...I have plausible deniability if I essentially use a picture of someone I don't know as a basis, but add my own shit.

    In the possible case I may know someone IRL...or two or three IRL who would voluntarily model...obviously if it isn't directly THEM in the work, it's no big thing... If they were aware and the work was of them, I'd probably have to get their permission...With one person I can say this isn't a problem at least...

  • Well I guess there's all those porn parodies that obviously arn't approved by the creators of the original content. So as long as you can claim it's just a parody and slightly change the naming you can just get around it?

  • I am as uninformed as you about the actual law in that case. I used to have some images with a Jean Luc Picard head model in my early days but I never got contacted by anyone about not using him anymore, so I guess its okay as long as noone gets offended enough to start a lawsuit :)

    Our stuff isnt as popular yet, so there is not much attention brought to it from anyone other than actual fans of it. So you can feel relatively safe and get away with alot more mishaps than in mainstream media. At least for now :)

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