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  • now trying my hand at SSS

    render time seem long & the transluscent effect doesnt look like much :(
    what am i doing wrong ?

  • i guess its the water (the tropical model from LiveDb), a light emiter being above it.

  • I think the shadows look better and not so harsh but something seems amiss… cant put my finger on it. But after an hour it should have alot less noise. There must be something with the lights I would guess...

  • hot pixel found
    Paneled light & environement zap done
    still gonna give the water a try, we'll see
    here are the new setting im using
    please comment ! :)

    one hour later, here is what i get:

    decent enough, apart from the 1h render time & a lil noise left.
    waiting to hear yr comments & suggestions

  • thank you both, returning to the workshop & testing, results soon !

  • Also, not trying to simulate real water will reduce noise and bring down render times because caustics in Octane are really shit :)

    Using larger lightsources to not end up with such harsh shadows will also reduce noise. Plus, when youre using small lightsources, make sure to use the sampling_rate parameter and set it to something like 20 or so. This works as kind of an importance scale for lights so there will be more time spent clearing the noise for these lightsources with higher sampling rate values. I am not 100% sure if the setting still works like that but thats what it should be doing when youre still having the 1 or 2 year old manual in your head :)

    Another thing you could do to speed up things and fight noise is to add very dim blueish textured planes using texture emission inside the windows. Instead of using the Octane daylight at 23:00. The daylight system is rather slow in comparison and at 23:00 you wont get alot of light into the room anyways, so you can just do this with an emitter in the window. Clears very fast and looks basically the same if you choose the right colour.

  • One think you cna do is set hotpixel removal to 0. and then set caustic blur to .75 or so. Reduces noise bigtime :D

  • helloz !

    here is a scene with 3 lightsources (+ daylight env. set at 23h).
    what setting should i consider to reduce noise & fireflies ?

  • Use the opacity maps that are included with each character sets textures. On V4 characters there are opacity maps for the cornea too. Alternatively you can completely set the opacity for the cornea to 0. For Eyesurface, create a specular material and set transmission to pure white, Index to 1.517 (glass) and you should get some good results.

    The basic imported materials almost never gonna give you good results.

  • Has anyone else had a white eyes, weird looking eyelashes in octane render. Or is it just me?
    I'm not using the daz plugin, im exporting as obj. and then importing it to standalone octane.

  • hehe, well I will be playing with both since I havent really done much with them in the last year or so. But right now I am trending more towards Thea than Octane. It just seems more mature and since its using GPU and CPU its a bit faster and has better noise clearing in general.

  • sigh
    i see what you're doin' ! you're confusing me ! Octane or Thea
    anyway, xmas is far too hot for my chipset at the moment, watercooling is sick (temperature climb up to ~90°C) and i wont be playing much with 3D until this is fixed.
    which leaves time for to me to follow your discussions here & decide.
    btw, how much does Thea cost ? Octane + Daz plug-in is $199.

    scratch that:

    It is now at the same price as Octane and for 45 more…

  • Since I touted about Thea a bit before. Here is a quick shot out of the editor view from today. Newest Thea 1.3 using GPU powered mode and full physical sss as you can probably spot on the fingers and ears, and the overall softness of the skin. This cleared to this state in roughly 1 minute, still on my ancient gtx460. As you can see there is no noise, no hotpixels etc. For the same scene in a comparable state I had to wait alot longer in Octane when using sss.

    Granted though, Octane will produce some really nice images when youre using the sss shader by Tony Reynolds (the one with the 3 specular materials and 1 diffuse mixed together) It takes quite a bit to clear up the noise and hotpixels however.

    I can only recommend checking out Thearender to anyone right now. It is now at the same price as Octane and for 45 more you can get a bundle for 3dsmax plugin or sketchup etc. The whole thing is very mature and you have the choice between unbiased and biased render modes. I am really impressed so far. Cant wait until my new gpu arrives. Should be sometime today. And then I will do some interior shots and see how well these clear. I might have found my new render engine for the upcoming time :)

    Here is another one which I left running in the actual final render mode. I just added some glare to it, and selected a different camera profile which is all inbuilt into Thea already. This is around 300 samples per pixel, kept running for 5:30m. The SSS is not perfect, as I still have to figure out the perfect settings for absorption, scattering and also the colours etc, but I think its already looking okay.

  • I'm waiting on the new GPU then I can give these render engines a go as well :)

  • administrators

    I guess the reason why Octane is simple now, not just because of the ease of use and lighting, etc… it's because it's directly integrated with Daz/ Poser which most ppl use and there are quite a lot of Octane users around so you'll get advise fairly easily... and of course the results with some optimization (which you can do) are very good
    cept for SSS, that needs to be improved a lot :)

    will give Redshift a go as well though

  • This almost turns philosophical now :D

    Oh and btw. Since I am toying with Redshift. If you get a decent card, you might want to give TheaRender a testrun too. They have added gpu rendering a few months ago and you can render unbiased and biased. Its actually a very nice engine and they also recently improved their sss rendering mechanics for the gpu renderer etc.

    As much as I love Octane for its quality and ease of use. The fact that its unbiased has always pissed me off. You have so many situations where things just dont clear up properly because its taking no shortcuts nor has many optimizations :| SSS based characters in an interior scene were just a nightmare to render on my old card ;) Thats probably the main reason I looked into v-ray back then.

  • @'hibbli':

    is a second 780 card worth the extraspeed? its not really cheap : )

    I am not sure who you were asking, but I will put it this way. Octane rendering speeds are linear. 2 cards is double the speed, 3 cards triple the speed, etc… So.... I guess the answer is, what is the time saving worth to you?

  • is a second 780 card worth the extraspeed? its not really cheap : )

  • @~ArgonCyanide777 There never was a 780 4 GB brah.. Only 3 GB. Keep in mind that 770's are GK104 and 780/780ti/TITAN are all GK110 chips.

    Money to CUDA Core ratio based on US prices:
    770 $369 1536 $0.24
    780 $499 2304 $0.22
    780ti $699 2880 $0.24
    TITAN$999 2688 $0.37

    You can see the 780 is currently the cheapest @22c a CUDA core. Since PCI-E slots are hard to come by, I would lean heavily towards a 780/780ti over anything else. I have not hit the hard ram limit on 3GB but once and that was with 3 x M4 3 x V4 complete outside scene with no compression on the textures. If money were no option you would get nothing but TITANS. But…

    I roll 780 GTX's time 3. I have 1 more on the way...


    are there any good tutorials? i also wanna start with octane next week, think it can boost image quality a lot

    Eclesi4stik has got a few to get you started if you are coming from Poser. I don't know about DAZSTUDIO. Side note, my wife really liked your PDF The Dark Chapel Chapter 1. She beat her pussy raw reading it, excellent work! :D

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