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  • It's difficult to say what the perfect balance of erotic content and gameplay mechanics is. Since we all have different tastes in games and in porn. So to me, the perfect balance is going to be a game that in itself, without erotic content, would at least hold my attention. Then add a story with erotic events, with some high quality hentai images to accompany those events, and I'll be happy.

    To me, I'm always looking for a game that is solid to play, with a splash of sexiness. When I need just straight sexiness to assist… umm... other activities, I'll load up something that doesn't require much input from me to get to the sex. So when it comes to the idea of a porn game, I want more game than porn. But unfortunately, as most of us know, in most cases it's either feast of famine when it comes to sexiness in quality games. Mainstream, high budget games that have a lot of sexually attractive characters but are still really well made get bashed by the general public (DOA series, DOAX). And so we are left with the brave amateurs of the 'net to make a game with adult stimulation.

    I have high hopes that Roundscape Adorevia will hit the mark. I loved FF3/6 for the SNES. It was the Final Fantasy that hooked me. I love RPGs and if I could have a game that's similar in feel to that classic retro game, with a nice heaping side of erotic content, that would be fantastic. To me, the perfect "porn game" is just a quality game with sex in it's world, nicely presented.

  • I think something that a lot of porn game devs still haven't figured out is that the sex itself can be the core of gameplay in the sense that it too is a challenge. And by that I don't mean filling some arbitrary pleasure gauge in which the girl decides at some point that you did your job and awards you with an orgasm scene. I more mean a game in which sex is the mechanic by which you progress through the story and acquire new traits/items/skills etc.

    Imagine a game in a fantasy setting, where some thriving city state of opulent wealth and beauty that is nevertheless quite chaste is then invaded by a rival nation, the king of which decrees that the new system shall revolve around a strict sexual standard. All women are to submit themselves to a new state-funded sex industry, and those who are exempt from such service are instead taken up into the harems of rich lords or orgy groups that act as entertainers for large events, etc.

    As the protagonist, you might have mixed feelings about your city being invaded and subjugated like that, because someone you care for deeply (say your sister or wife) is being forced to work for some ugly corpulent lord that bangs her silly with fat sweaty ass every single night. Not ideal. So you take it upon yourself to work your way up through the ranks of the occupying forces, starting off as a lowly nobody who slowly but surely acquires a reputation for excellent banging that eventually ends you up in the new king's court. There you kill him, and then you can decide whether you would like to undo the whole sex-based system he instituted, or keep it and indulge your basest desires.

    In a game like that, I can imagine there being levelling, ie learning new positions/prolonging your stamina, or learning new spells that enable such things as futa sex if your character is female or growing a larger dong if your character is male. Use your imagination. The point being that the instances of sex throughout the game are effectively the same as instances of combat in any RPG. They are occasions to grow stronger and perform better next time. Especially if you acquire new gear, ie seductive lingerie sets or fetish leather or whatever you can think of, would contribute a lot to which people of influence suddenly appear on your "to bang" list.

    By the end of the process you'd have a character with such an extensive sexual record that your own life will forever pale in comparison even if you're going to succeed in getting laid every single night. I'd play the hell out of that, haha.

  • I agree with Dizzydills about mods for the Bethesda rpgs. Pretty much just take some of my favorite games and add in some porn elements and presto I wasted 2 years. Nah, its really good though I'd recommend people who are interested checking out "lovers lab" for porn mods. The ones for Skyrim are getting quite good now.

  • Depends on the game. Not all games are the same obviously, I think some of the lower budget "hobbyist" games should focus more on the porn element, as the creators rarely have the resources or experience to create compelling gameplay. Although in some instances creating a mod for an existing game is the best of both worlds. The existing gameplay is established, creating content and some secondary mechanics becomes the primary focus. Some of the best "porn games" I have played have been mods of the elderscrolls/fallout games.

    If your looking for longevity or value, incorporating the content into the gameplay is essential. If you dangle the porn content over the players head like a carrot, they will have little incentive to play after reaching it.

  • Personally I love porn games. Having at least some say in the way the story develops is for me an added pleasure. Good porn games for me are games like:

    Whorecraft: the chronicles of Alexstraza:
    Not because of the gameplay or the artwork, but somehow I just want to know what happens next…

    Slave maker: and
    Sim Brothel:
    I like the (business) simulation, being the one who decides what happens in these games. The artwork is nowhere near what Affect3D delivers but it is still fun.

    The games by Illusion like Sexy Beach or Artificial Girl offer neither a decent gameplay experience, a compelling story or control over the actions of the player character and thus are, to me, not interesting at all.

  • Visual novels are like reading a book or watching an anime where you get to choose the path. If you don't like either of those then you wouldn't care for the medium, but visual novels are great.

  • A good game by my definition either has 1) a really good story or 2) challenges me mechanically.

    The first distracts me from the sex, ala age's Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative, or illusion's A-ga.
    The second I'd be too busy and the sex would be the distraction. If I had to execute mechanics well in the actual sex scene, well then there wouldn't be any hands on my dick.

    Maybe it's better to just leave porn in the image and video fields. Gabe's LOQO is probably an optimal integration. I had no fun with illusion's Sexy Beach series until I figured out how to get it going automatically.

  • @'Katzekage':

    If you don´t care about graphic, maybe even like oldschool gaming i can tell you about 2 games that have great gameplay and very good sex scenes.

    The Legend of Qeen Opala and The Legend of Queen Opala II Episode 1+2
    Made by a woman all by herself! fantastic.

    honor Katzekage

    Meh… don't really agree with the "great Gameplay" for the Queen Opala Games... buy up to date armor and foes usually don't do any damage, which makes combat fairly boring. Also has that typical JRPG char development... where you can't do anything. XP only for active party members etc. Plus it is a bit on the grind heavy side... kill n mobs, to unlock Legendary Monster, kill Monster to unlock some art.(Even worse, if you don't know which monsters actually spawn Legendary Monsters^^) Requirements to forge certain equipment are also kinda insane at times...
    So gameplay has it's ugly spots at least.

    Don't get me wrong I do like Gabe's game (and hope we see the final part some day^^). Story at least does not suck, characters and dialog are kinda nice, some great humor here and there and a huuge amount of unlockable/collectible content, topped with a good amount of naughty stuff and sex (although too much Monster and Bestiality for my taste...) And of course there's Farah!!! :D

    @topic in general
    Well I prefer games with some actual gameplay :P I hardly consider the stuff a game, where you choose a scene, watch it and maybe decide how to finish. And I have no clue why people like these visual novels... hear some portraits talk for HOURS just to see some sex scenes every now and then... and hardly any interaction except a bit of path branching... nah not my cup of tea...

    So in general I think the Queen Opala games are a nice template... a proper game with sex as a prominent element, that does not feel forced (at least not too much)
    Not some sex scenes wrapped in a bit of pseudo "gameplay". Or a normal game with a tiny bit of "sex" thrown in for... dunno... maybe to claim "look we have sex". Who had guessed sex with Aphrodite could be such a letdown :P (God of War III)
    I think the Witcher II is the only mainstream game that doesn't do a terrible job in this regard... that Triss scene in the Elven ruin is almost hot^^ (Oh and btw. I think TW2 gameplay and combat suck as well)

  • @'Tiffany':

    If it's like Mass Effect or Dragon Age or something but then had great sex then it'd be good. But if it's a designed as a sex game and it's hard then screw that, just show the sex.

    If you don´t care about graphic, maybe even like oldschool gaming i can tell you about 2 games that have great gameplay and very good sex scenes.

    The Legend of Qeen Opala and The Legend of Queen Opala II Episode 1+2
    Made by a woman all by herself! fantastic.

    honor Katzekage

  • If it's like Mass Effect or Dragon Age or something but then had great sex then it'd be good. But if it's a designed as a sex game and it's hard then screw that, just show the sex.

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