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  • Did someone say christmas?

    Anyway, here's my contribution, let me know if the light needs some correcting to fit with the rest of the pics.

  • Hey hey it's starting to look like a party in here! :D

  • Here is my picture for the photo:

    An alternate:

  • Here is my contribution:

    But we also should think about a group pic with a special theme.^^

  • I am game if someone is willing to PS them all together. PNG, preferably semi white light… front angle...

  • Yay more characters comin' in!

    Here's Launa giving us a peek in some swimwear :heart:

    Use whatever looks the best! Can't wait to see what finally ends up coming out of this. This was a fun little refresher course for me on how to get around in DAZ.

    Good times :)


  • Alright here I go: two versions because I liked the dress :angel:

    Who ever is Photoshopping use whichever one you want and don't worry those are just thumbnails, the actual files are .png format.

  • Hmm… now I'm thinking my character is a bit overdressed for the occasion, lol. Guess I better do another version too, lol. I got a nice little skimpy number I could put on her.

    There's a nice little project for me tonight!

  • Alright since there doesn't seem to be a theme and I have some time I'm just going with the panties and tits out theme that seems to be starting. On second thoughts I'll do two versions just in case. One with a sexy dress one without. Once the noise clears up I'll post em.

  • that actually isn't a bad idea. i kinda really like it too!

  • This will certainly be an interesting first attempt for us, and here's the addition of my first dedicated character, Chantelle:

    I do like the idea of a "class of" montage, and if working with full body shots becomes too awkward, we can always crop to closeups.A brief example I tried here,but we lose out on seeing the rest of those yummy bodies…. it's more like a Book of Boobies.

    We'll figure this out one way or the other! C:

  • I think we just need more peeps to submit more OCs. It'll be a hodge podge of characters with no common theme, but I think that's what will make this a cool pic. A whole bunch of characters from different fantasies all lined up for one big photo. I think this will be a sweet project. We have a good start!

    Edit: If we only get a few more, with only a total of six characters or so, maybe Evo could swing it so that it looks like our front girl is taking the pic with her phone. Getting herself and her friends in the background over her shoulder. That would still be sweet! Evo did start this thread and is now the photoshopper. I think that would be appropriate.

    If this thread starts flooding with a bunch of characters, then we'll have to go with the "Class of '13" format with people stacked in front of others.

    Oooh. I think I stumbled on something cool there… Affect3D Forums 2013 group photo...

    Just some ideas that came to me. Thought I'd toss that out there :)

  • well yeah.. i can redo my render if you guys think it would be better, i just really like close ups :)

  • The one thing that is odd to me is that you did this camera angle with your render Evo, I though we will be making like a specified angle on every character to easier photoshop them.

  • @'Evolluisionist':

    ok :blush: umm what about this :s

    if it looks bad just be honest with me :huh:

    Looks fantastic to me! :D

    OK, here's my final answer. I even remembered to save it in PNG format for the transparency background! :D

    I'm so proud of myself. Looks like I still remember how to do this stuff. Didn't spend too much time scratching my head looking for features.

  • ok :blush: umm what about this :s

    if it looks bad just be honest with me :huh:

  • I'll zoom out and get a full body pic as well as get a pure white background. Since I'm zooming out photoshopping the armpit areas will be a snap.

    brb :)

  • we all are going to have the same resoultuion image if this going to work. 1080 width by 1920 height. i'll try and work some photoshop with the pictures myself . i'm not expert but i'll try

  • here is mine:

    lighting, pose, persepctive, this will be a mess to put together… good luck ^^

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