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  • It got ripped of somwhere, the firs three pics are from vaesark, the five pics with the green guy, I don't know the name but the artists has a different blog and the last pics are from blackadder, for sure.

    And vaesark usually don't sell any of his sets, they are usually free to download, from his own blog. http://vaesark.blogspot.de/search?updated-max=2013-02-10T20:21:00%2B01:00&max-results=7&start=21&by-date=false the full set from the first three pics, is there if you scroll a bit down. called "the Priestess"

  • Well shit. I poked my head into a subdomain.

    Looks plain but not too bad. I think I just found a potential new friend of affect3d:

    Assuming these haven't been ripped off from somewhere else, I have to ask, who is this?

    Edit2: Digging deeper, I find these blog links aren't blogs but rather links themselves for pay websites. So while this site itself isn't a pay site or an annoying webtraffic auto-redirect, I get the impression that unless YOU are commercially advertising, you may find your stay on this subdomain to be short. If I understood the main sites gist correctly. I don't know for a fact, though.

    I might take a stab with an alias email addy to see how far it gets and for how long.

  • sigh I don't want to go through Google.

    Hadn't considered tumblr, though they do host images come to think of it. Hentai foundry is good too.

    I'm thinking at this point it's going to be image hosting at one place, blogging another… :(

    ...Barring any embed difficulties...:dodgy:

  • i've searched for free hosts that would allow adult material & host .swf = nada.
    free hosting and adult content is a pain in the butt, most of what i've seen is plagued with advertizing.
    hosting anything else than txt & image is also a nightmare.

    i have not looked into rented hosting, i dont feel enough of a hobbyist to invest more than i already do.

    here is a thread discussing different hosts.

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