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  • I tied eating a super spicy dish from Panda Express (TM) with the exception of it not agreeing with me.
    And a burger from Carl's Jr that smells funny is the Star. I dunno why but that sauce smells awful.
    I rarely eat out, but man some thing just creeps out from restaurants XD

  • Worst thing i've ever eaten has to be rotten tofu, or stinky tofu as i've seen it called on the internet. I was visiting relatives in Taipei and I could smell it a block away. I'm sure to the folks who love the stuff it smells good. But to me it smelled a bit like athlete's foot. Well of course we bought some boxes for everyone, and me being the open-minded person I am, I decided to give it a taste. I have eaten & enjoyed things that do not smell good at all. But this stuff, to me at least, tasted EXACTLY like it smelled. Like athlete's foot… XP

  • OK tried a drop or two of the hot sauce. FUUUUCK. It tastes good if you can get past the spice. Hope you like naga pepper, and can handle a little bitter too.

    Burn ramped up slowly, lasted for 5 minutes. It has stamina and it is definitely not something to trifle with. Not as bad as Da Bomb or other sauces which are really only there to spoil good food. But it will burn you out quickly if you try to go all in at once. Says it could be used as a cleaning agent too…I believe it. Holy shit.

  • I was out on the ocean in the Philippines with some locals, someone I was with knew their family or whatever, and they gave me a tiny little like 1cm x 1cm piece of like a blue starfish's shell thing to eat… I just put it in my mouth then spit it out a few seconds later... it was the spiciest thing I've ever tasted. They were all laughing, thought it was hilarious. But, it turns out they're poisonous or something.

    I ended up with a bacteria infection in my intestine and was deathly ill for over a week. Went to a hospital over there and everything. Most of what I remember was the world spinning and rolling around because I had vertigo, a fever, and horrible cramping... I was constantly throwing up and had diarrhea. was the most terrible experience of my entire life.

  • Hm. I've eaten escargot at a french restaurant.

    I'm about to add Dave's gourmet Ghost Pepper hot sauce to that list… honestly a little bit scared. I've heard raw ghost peppers have actually killed people. I hear the sauce is delicious thankfully...but damn...It's probably going to be like "Da Bomb" beyond insanity.

    I was going to try blue curry but I hear that's nasty.

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