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  • I'm a CAD modeller/detailer

  • Majoring in Visual Arts in ohio

    have a minimum wage job at a restuarant. nothing really special just a typical college student over here.

  • @OP: At one point I wanted to be an electrical engineer. Problem is I'm not a reflexively mathematical person so I'd make a lousy engineer. Still am a light hobbyist in electronics. I'd love to chat about stuff sometime.

    What do I do… I'm a jack of all trades. I am ready for many situations life throws my way. While it doesn't suck as bad as working for the man, I work physical long hours and the pay is okay but not great.
    I do a combination of handyman work, housekeeping and caretaking. I can be a mover guy, a snow removal guy...I even fix appliances.

    I also turn wrenches and do basic automotive mechanic work. This looks fairly promising.

    Have done electrician and welding. Have not worked though I loved the fields.

    Because I use it for electronics, I have gotten decent with fabrication. I can do wood, metal, and plastics.

    So I pretty much employ my skills and survive on it. It isn't stable all the time but overall it beats working a retail chain.

  • art director at an advertisement company

    very useful combination for 3d because i am working whole day with photoshop and layout programs : )

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