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  • dresslily
    lots of compliments for your work

  • adult empire and other such sites rip off free cg art and try to sell it

    and no i have not, but i do own interactive 3dx games :)

  • Haven't yet joined one. I'm heavily thinking about joining MongoBongo's site though as I really really love all of his latest sets.

  • has an awsome 3-d choice …over 400.

  • I've never joined a paysite, but would probably be one that I would try, I like their DVDs so their site would be good too (in theory)

  • administrators

    I find this very odd, but I haven't as yet, although I've come across quite a few that I did find interesting. I have kindly been given access to a few thanks to their respective owners.

    I have spent a lot more money on individual products like Umemaro's pizza girl, spose that's the field I'm in and it's kinda easier in the sense that you're not committing to something long-term.

    Having said whilst individual titles are good pay site do seem to come with other interesting things like being closer to the artists, regular updates, being able to suggesting things, etc, so I'm looking to explore those too in the near future =)


    There is no better site that I have seen so far. Tons of content, most of it really good quality. Not just image quality but also the movies themselves are good.

    Mostly british stuff and on a very low price. I wish I could have signed up for this but I got no CC and they dont accept paypal etc. And I really dont want to jump through any loops just for a porn paysite. The content is comparable to which offers a free movie per signup and theres no checking of your identity wink wink.

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