Diffrence between MBA vs PGDM

  • The difference between MBA Vs PGDM is known as PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is offered by autonomous institutions as they cannot offer an MBA. Today most of the students are in confusion about whether to opt for an MBA or a PGDM. The major plus of the PGDM course over MBA is that the curriculum of PGDM is more flexible. It will get updated from time to time. Whereas the curriculum of MBA won’t be like that, as an MBA course is offered by institutions that are affiliated to universities, the curriculum will get updated once in 3-4 years or maybe more. The curriculum of MBA is more exam-oriented and covers the theoretical aspects, while that of PGDM is more industry-oriented and covers the soft skill aspects. In fact, PGDM makes you industry ready and prepares you for the market. An MBA course is for those people who would like to get a comprehensive view of the program, whereas, a PGDM course is for those who would like to specialize in their areas of interest, it’s more like having in-depth knowledge.

  • I don't use social media, I don't like Ylvis the Fox, I don't wear ginormous stupid looking glasses, I don't have a cellphone, and…. there's probably a lot more.

  • I don't wear jeans.

  • I have a collection of OCs from some of those FB games but TBH it all got old pretty fast. I'm not interested in taking it any further than alternative media on FB and keeping in touch with old friends. I had a myspace but I let it die and apparently now it's under new ownership so my acct. is inactive and I don't care about reviving it.
    So other than this, forums and some blogs that catch my interest…social media isn't a real big thing for me.

    I don't really care about mainstream media like reality tv.

    A lot of pop and hip hop music.

    A good bit of fashion. I'm not a total square but in general I don't care what's the latest.

  • I also have no social media presence (unless you count all the comments by fredfred5150 on porn blogs :D)

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